Selected Essays

The pieces in this section are among the most hypothetical of all my writings on this site. It is my attempt to address some of the issues which may have not been fully fleshed out within the series. By incorporating my own ideas I hope to develop a more comprehensive picture about some of these subtleties, yet in many instances I do not have as much evidence as I would prefer in order to support my ideas. It is as though enough information is given to plant a solid foundation, but just enough is lacking to really cement the idea in place. I take over from this point and introduce some of my own conjecture in order to complete the picture Squaresoft may have intended. Just remember that by no means are these the ultimate answers. These works involve much speculation and logic; read them with a critical eye and use what you see here to help form your own hypotheses.  
          •  "The Founding of Zeal"  
                    - One possible explanation of how the Kingdom of Zeal took to the skies.

          •   "Creation of the Time Devourer"
                    - Various hypotheses as to the formation of the adversary and possible attributes of Lavos.

          •   "The Colonization of El Nido"
                    - A detailed explanation of how El Nido was founded and Porre's subsequent rise to power.

          •   "Elementary Magic"
                    - Explains the mechanics of magic as well as its potential origins in both Trigger and Cross.

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