Table of Contents:

Part 1: Maps of 1999 AD
Part 2: Chrono Trigger Beta changes
Part 3: Chrono Cross: Missing Piece

• 1999 AD

While these images were taken from the released version of Chrono Trigger, the world map of that era is incomplete. These are essentially the only noteworthy areas as the remainder of the map is empty.

Full map of 1999 (see also: large version)
The area Lavos erupts from, southwest of Medina.
A dome appears on the island Lucca's house previously occupied.
Northern Zenan - a large city occupies the area that once was Truce.

• Chrono Trigger Beta changes

Before Chrono Trigger was officially released the game went through many versions in which nothing had quite been finalized. Bugs were worked out, the story was altered, scenarios were changed, and sprites were re-designed. Below is the start of a list of things that were in the beta version but were changed before the final product was released. Click on each to see a screen capture of the change. For detailed instructions on how to access these areas for youself please see the FAQ.

An isolated prehistoric village.
Truce has a larger town square.
Melchior's house does not exist.
• Slash has an odd electric attack.
Lara's hair is green rather than blue.
The fabled "Singing Mountain" cave.
A strange coliseum rests in the future.
An odd cell inside the Northern Ruins.
A tall mountain lies in the prehistoric age.
The area around Ozzie's Fort was changed.
Zeal's western continent has a different look.
Zenan Bridge remains destroyed in 1000 AD.
Zeal's royal crest (emblem on door) is different.
The Northern Ruins have a different interior design.
Heckran's Cave has a new design and appears to be flooded.
The R-Series robots that attack Robo are pink rather than blue.
The North Palace appears as an actual building rather than a blue pyramid.

• Chrono Cross: Missing Piece

While a beta version of Chrono Cross was never issued, we can nontheless see a few of the early drafts by looking to the accompanying artbook, Missing Piece. In it preliminary sketches can be found which show characters with new designs, different names, as well as other plans that never made it into the final version of the game. Pictures of some of these sketches have recently been posted. I would like to extend my thanks to Cidrei for donating some of these pictures; your efforts are greatly appreciated. The following scans will give a general idea of how some of the characters looked in the early stages of development. Jump to page: 1, 2, 3

A slightly more mature Mel
Riddel has various hairstyles
A glimpse at Guile without his mask
Zoah wears a different type of helmet
Harle wears a mask and different headgear
Each of Radius' initial looks was much younger
Grobyc with spikey hairstyle and new wardrobe
• Karsh's name was originally planned to be Vargas
• Marcy's name was originally planned to be Rachel
Razzly has a less cutesy, more feminine appearance
Zappa wields a different weapon and has new attire
One of Fargo's sketches shows him with a large beard
A few of the characters that were cut from the final version
• Belcha's Kitchen in Home World was going to be named "Wild Hungryman"
Early Lynx sketches portray him as a human wearing a fur coat and wielding a broadsword
Lucca's house is shown with various add-ons: large antennas, a sandbox, and possibly a gazebo

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