Event Timetables

Please note that the events listed below for both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are an estimate regarding the length of each journey. I have kept the sequence of events as true to the games as possible, but as I am trying to correctly gauge what could be accomplished in a day I have incorporated time for both traveling and resting. Obviously Crono could not achieve half of what he does in the time it takes for the player to complete the journey. After each day I will include a note explaining any choices I have made if it should be required. Also take note that the following lists do not account for each individual action of the characters. For instance, in Chrono Cross the player might spend what would equate to days exploring each island at his first opportunity. Serge, on the other hand, has a mission he must accomplish and so would not have put forth the time in gallivanting across the seas to areas he need not visit.
          •  "Chrono Trigger"
                    - Chronicles the 40 day journey with notes and speculation.  

          •  "Chrono Cross"  
                    - Chronicles the 20 day journey with notes and speculation.

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