Chrono Trigger Script

As I shuffle through the mass of literature that is Chrono Trigger sections will be added as they become transcribed. Chapter specific notes will be provided but as a general rule I have endeavored to show all possible dialogue a player may encounter, especially from all non-playable characters. As this will undoubtedly be a monumental undertaking it is well within the realm of possibility that I may make an error or miss a quotation. If this happens, or if you have any questions regarding what I have submitted, please contact me. I fully stand behind my work and ensure the following is exactly what is said in the game to the best of my knowledge. All punctuation is left as intended by the game, rampant commas and all.

To accompany each quotation I have provided a sprite image depicting the character who stated it as well as their posture or expression at the time. This will allow not only for the statement’s full meaning to be known (such as the added knowledge a line should be interpreted as hostile if the character is shown in a menacing stance), but it will aide those who wish to seek out a particular quote during their play through of the game as it will be obvious which character to look for. For this I wish to express my gratitude to Video Game Sprites for their gracious allowance of these images.

  01:  The Millennial Fair

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Covers:  game's start to Crono's disappearance to 600 AD

It may be noted I excluded the explanations of all NPCs within the Truce Mayor's Manor as they solely serve as a tutorial of how battles, items, and other mechanical features of the game operate. Since there is nothing of interest concerning the plot it was omitted. So, too, was the line of the clerk running the strength game at the fair since he only stated what button to press to play the game. I also did not wish to include Bekkler’s statements since his explanations of the mini-games’ rules are likewise irrelevant.

02:  The Queen Returns
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Covers: Crono's arrival in 600 AD to Lucca's arrival to the era

Exluded here are the nun's comments in the cathedral. Since they continue to say the same thing until chapter three, and considering the cathedral is a required area at that point, I've chosen to include the statements in the next section.

03:  The Queen is Gone
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Covers: infiltration of the cathedral to the group's departure from 600 AD                                                           
 Notes: none

04:  We're Back!
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Covers: return to 1000 AD to just before Crono's arrival at Guardia Castle                                                          
 Notes: Since the majority of the NPCs say the same things as in chapter one there is little to add here,
which makes this the easiest to transcribe yet! =)

05:  The Trial
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Covers: Crono's apprehension at Guardia Castle to the group's departrure from 1000 AD

The hassle accompanying this chapter is enormous as the course of the trial is decided both by Crono’s answers and his previous behavior at the fair. This results in many routes the questioning can take, all of which must planned for to see the full script. By playing the chapter multiple times in which different answers were given and acts performed I believe I have accounted for all possibilities. The line of questioning regarding ransom was the trickiest as the Chancellor will only drop the subject if Crono behaved flawlessly. In the end the combination of actions which most closely results in the provided script (and incidentally a guilty verdict) is: 1) not speaking to Marle first after bumping into her but grabbing the pendant immediately, 2) denying her the pendant when she asks for it back, 3) agreeing to Melchior’s request that she sell it, 4) eating the man’s lunch, 5) returning the girl’s cat, and 6) pulling Marle away when she shops for candy.

06:  Beyond the Ruins
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Covers: arrival in 2300 AD to the completion of the jet bike race

Crono’s party members will make various comments inside the Sewer Access but this will only happen during the first visit to the area. The section is at present optional and if the player explores it now he will thusly miss the quotes given by Robo, Frog, and Ayla that might otherwise be seen had he waited until a later chapter to visit the sewers. Since the area is first made available now I am including here but will also include the other characters’ comments to avoid duplicating the scene later.

07:  The Factory Ruins
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Covers: arrival at Proto Dome to departure from 2300 AD

The player can only choose one of the girls to bring to the factory, therefore text will be missed for the girl who is left behind. Since the only difference is a matter of three lines I have chosen to include both Marle and Lucca’s statements into the conversation where appropriate in order to avoid having to re-create the entire scene for the other girl. Just remember to read only one of the girls’ lines during the dialogue with the R-Series since this is how it is handled within the game.
Also, the serial number Robo gives as his own slightly differs between the two releases of the game. In the Super Nintendo version he’ll state R66-Y whereas in the Playstation’s Final Fantasy Chronicles release it has been changed to R-66Y. The latter follows the same format used by the other R-Series and so it is what I regard as correct.

08:  The End of Time
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Covers: the group's first arrival at the End of Time

There seems to be another slight change of dialogue between the versions in this chapter as well. After being told only a party of three may pass through a Gate the player is forced to leave one character behind at the End of Time. In the Super Nintendo version if Marle is chosen she will say "Decide, Crono!" which seems odd since the choice has just been made. In the Playstation release her line was changed to the more accepting "See you around."
Also, this chapter marks the first in which the player can venture to the Prehistoric Age. Going there now will yield additional information from villagers in the Meeting Site. This part of the script will only be available until the end of chapter 11 and is often missed by players. By the time the quest for the dreamstone begins in chapter 12 the area will be closed in preparation for the feast and it will be impossible to read the villagers’ comments. The remaining villagers will continue to say the same statements now as in chapter 12, so I will postpone including them until then.

09:  The Village of Magic
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Covers: arrival in Medina village to the group's departure at Leene Square for 600 AD
 Notes: none

10:  The Hero Appears
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Covers: return to 600 AD through the meeting with Frog in the Cursed Woods
 Notes: none

11:  Tata and the Frog
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Covers: exploration of the Denadoro Mountains to the discussion of the Masamune with Melchior
 Notes: none

12:  The Rare Red Rock
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Covers: arrival in the Prehistoric Age to the soup eating contest during the celebration
 Notes: to come soon

13:  Footsteps! Follow!
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Covers: discovery that the Gate Key was stolen to the group's departure from the prehistoric era
 Notes: none

14:  The Masamune!
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Covers: the Masamune's repair to the trek through the Magic Cave
 Notes: none

15:  Magus' Castle
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Covers: entrance into the castle to Magus' defeat
 Notes: none

16: Forward to the Past
17: Unnatural Selection?
18: The Magic Kingdom
19: Break the Seal!
20: The Guru on Mt. Woe
21: What Lies Beyond?
22: Lavos Beckons
23: The New King
24: The Time Egg
25: The Fated Hour
26: The Final Battle


Chrono Cross


01: Arni Village: Where tides begin to turn
02: Opassa Beach: A calling from beyond time
03: Arni Village: Nothing has changed but everything
04: Cape Howl: A reminder of one's former self
05: The port town of Termina: The pride of the Acacia Dragoons
06: Viper Manor: Where lie the keys to the past
07: Guldove: Where ripples become waves
08: Hermit's Hideaway: A meeting with the 'other' swordsman
09: From pirate ship to ghost ship: A mariner's worst nightmare
10: On to the Water Isle: In search of the dragon blue
11: Fort Dragonia: Ancient dragon's dream in ruins
12: Dimension Voretx: Where lost souls wander
13: Back from the Darkness: And on with a new journey
14: Termina: Knight or day?
15: Marbule: Village of the demi-humans
16: The Masamune: The blood-stained sword of evil
17: The Dead Sea: A place forsaken by the gods
18: A Portal Reopened: And the planet begins to shake
19: Back to Viper Manor: A captive audience awaits
20: Surprise Attack!: Pursuers with heavy hearts
21: To The Sea Of Eden: Through the hidden holes in time
22: The Arbiter of Time: On whom the Three Fates smile
23: Chrono Cross: The point where destinies meet
24: Terra Tower: Caught in an echo of time
25: For all the dreamers: Our planet's dream is not over yet

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