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If you do write me then for safety reasons I ask that the e-mail please include the phrase "Corridors of Time" somewhere in the letter's subject line. If you do not follow this guideline then I cannot guarantee your letter will be read. All received letters will get a reply.

I would like to note that a guestbook has been recently added. I'm not fond of these, but I've had requests for one so we might as well give it a shot. I'd love to read any comments you may have, so please take a moment to peruse it at your leisure.

Also on this page you will find links to websites other than my own that you might find interesting.  The list may be small now, but if you feel I should include a link to your page please write me and we can arrange something.

Please note these suggestions before submitting a site:

• a link button (88 x 31) is preferable but not necessary
• the content of the site is clean (no illegal or offensive content)
• it is related to either Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross in some way
• geocities sites will no longer be accepted due to their frequent downtimes


• Chronicles: Legends of the Chrono Trigger
• Chrono Continuum v.4

• Chrono's Forums

If you wish to include a link on your page to "Corridors of Time", please select one of the following buttons and send me an e-mail so I can update my records. Otherwise this site is link-free, meaning there is no need to ask permission in order to link to it. Most images on this site are free for the taking as many are just screen captures from the games. However please contact me prior to using the Missing Piece pictures as most were scanned by Cidrei. I also ask that you not plagiarise any of the writings on this site as they are my own work. If you wish to use them on your site please contact me prior to doing so.
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Do remember that the information on this site reflects my own opinions of the series, but I would love to hear opposing viewpoints and different insights. I would enjoy having thoughtful discussions with anyone regarding the Chrono series, so feel free to comment on anything. 

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