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Acacia Dragoons

The knights of El Nido under the supervision of General Viper. Charged with keeping the peace, they operate on the central island with Viper Manor serving as their base. The highest rank of dragoon is that of Dragoon Deva. Dragoons are known to ride small dinosaur-like dragons in the midst of battle and while on patrol. These animals were introduced to humanity as a result of the Time Crash in which Dinopolis and its reptilian inhabitants were drawn in the human's timeline.

• Aero-Dalton Imperial

Following his declaration that he was the new king in the Dark Ages, Dalton re-named the Epoch to this after he confiscated it from Crono’s party. His mechanics altered the craft by adding wings as it was intended to serve as Dalton’s personal aerial chariot. However the vehicle was soon recovered by Crono’s friends whereupon it again became known as the Epoch.

• Alfador

Janus Zeal's cat. The feline is easily distinguished by his white and purple markings. He follows Janus everywhere and will respond only to him as he is the child‘s only friend. Alfador managed to survive the fall of Zeal and continued to live on the planet's surface during the Ice Age with the surviving humans.

• Algetty

The village of the Earthbound Ones. Dug into Terra Cave, this is the last refuge of the humans cast out of Zeal and forced to endure the hardships of the Ice Age on the planet's surface.

• Aliza, Queen

Marle's mother. She was the Queen of the Kingdom of Guardia during the Present Age until her death when Marle was still young. Wife of King Guardia XXXIII.

• Apocalypse, the

another term for the Day of Lavos; 1999 AD.

• ancient fruit

the fruit of a plant that seemingly grows on Gaea's Navel. The Beeba cultivate this fruit and use it to tame the Wingapede so that they may use the beast as transportation. If the fruit is not given to the Wingapede it may turn on the potential rider and attack him.

• Angelus Errare

"Where Angels Lose Their Way"; this describes a point where (to quote Belthasar) "the borders of two dimensions fluctuate in such a way as to make the passage between the parallel realities a possibility." In other words, a dimensional distortion. It is unknown what causes this phenomena, yet it was utilized by Serge to jump between Home World and Another World.

• Annie

John's girlfriend who watches him train in Termina in Another World. In Home World Annie's affections lie with Paul.

• Another World

one of two possible realities that emerged as a result of the time split in 1010 AD. Another World embodies FATE's dream as she is still able to direct the course of this timeline through the use of Records of Fate. It was also in this timeline that Serge drowned.

• Arbiter of Time, the

title given to one who makes contact with the Frozen Flame. This person has the ability to communicate with the Time Devourer through linking to it via the Flame. Gaining extraordinary powers, he alone will decide the fate of the world for he has the ability to release the creature from its imprisonment in the Darkness of Time so it may annihilate all space-time continua. Serge was chosen by the Frozen Flame to be the arbiter during his journey to Chronopolis in 1006. As a result, his continued existence is a threat to the future of the dimension in which he lives.

• Arni Village

found on the southern shore of the central island of El Nido. It is a small fishing community where the residents live in huts. Arni is Serge's hometown.

• Arris Dome

the ruins of a once larger city, in the post-apocalyptic world the dome serves as one of the last remaining shelters in which humanity huddles together in order to survive. In the lower levels are found what is left of the Info Center, the computer equipped facility in which Crono’s team first learns of Lavos through the viewing of the events of 1999 AD. Other basement levels house food storage facilities, though the robotic Guardian prevents access. Parts of the Arris Dome can also be seen in the petrified future contained within the Dead Sea.

• Ash

assistant to the explorer Toma XIV.

• Astral Amulet

a pendant Kid caries with her. Presumably it is the same one Schala used. This one, however, was modified by Lucca so that it functions as an incomplete Time Egg. Perhaps it is for this reason that Serge was able to use it to cross dimensions. The pendant seems to have also been given a wooden base. It is carried in a pouch that has Zeal's royal crest on it.

• Atropos

one of the three islands surrounding Chronopolis. A triangular barrier was formed between the islands which surrounded the research facility so that none could enter. The island was named after Atropos, one of the Moirae of Greek mythology. Often known as the Three Fates, they were a trio of women who personified destiny. Atropos, the eldest, is said to choose how a person dies by "cutting the thread of life", an act that bestows death. Read more about the Moirae on the Wikipedia article.

• Atropos XR

a pink R-Series robot that was once the friend of Robo prior to 1999. After the apocalypse she was re-programmed by the Mother Brain and carries out her new instructions: the termination of humanity. During a battle with Robo her senses are regained, yet she is left critically damaged. Lucca attempts to repair her but is seemingly unable to. After the Day of Lavos is prevented Atropos is spared this fate and she remains friends with Robo in the future. In the Japanese release she is known as Atropos 145.

• Ayla

the leader of Ioka Village in the Prehistoric Age. She is a strong ally who fights with her fists rather than weapons. Her running style is reminiscent of a cat and she appears to wear the hides of a furry beast. Crono allies with her to free the Laruba Villagers captured by the Reptites and the two succeed in a victory over Azala. Ayla is intimate with Kino, her male friend, and the two eventually become engaged after her return home at the end of Chrono Trigger.

• Azala

the leader of the Reptites in the Prehistoric Age. He (or possibly she) is repeatedly defeated at the hands of Ayla and Crono when Azala steals the group's Gate Key and also when the two infiltrate Azala's fortress, the Tyrano Lair. Azala accurately predicts the outcome of Lavos' arrival and fully knows his race will become extinct as a result of it. Choosing to die with dignity, he accepts his fate and thus declines Ayla’s requests that he accompany her moments before his fortress is to be smashed by Lavos’ impact.

• Bandeau

through Crono’s interference with the timeline the residents of Medina no longer despised humans by the end of Chrono Trigger. Bandeau undertook the duty of establishing ferry service between Truce and Medina so people could travel between the cities.

• Bangor Dome

the ruined site in which Crono, Marle, and Lucca arrive during their first trip to 2300 AD. There is little here other than a Gate which connects to Guardia Forest in the year 1000.

• Banta

blacksmith of the Middle Ages residing in Truce. He crafted Leene's Bell as a gift for King Guardia to present to his wife, Queen Leene. After her abduction he lost the will to work but quickly finished the job once she was found.

• Beeba

a race of strange thick-lipped, yellow-skinned creatures that inhabit the Hydra Marshes of El Nido. They can speak the human tongue and have established their own culture. It is said they originally inhabited Gaea's Navel but migrated to the marshes by riding the Wingapede across the sea. As a result their Ancient Fruit and Beeba Flute can be used to tame the Wingapede.

• Beeba Flute

an instrument used within the Beeba tribe to call forth the Wingapede. The flute must be used in an open area free of any obstructions so the giant bug has a place to land. The flute was given to Serge after he bested a Beeba in battle within the Hydra Marshes.

• Belcha

Orcha's brother. In Home World he operates a small restaurant in Arni called Belcha's Kitchen serving his specialty, Heckran soup. In Another World he is unenthusiastic about cooking and has departed on a journey in order to improve his culinary techniques. As a result the restaurant has been left in the care of his wife who turned the establishment into Café Fleur.

• bellflower

Dario's favorite flower, known to bloom in the Fossil Valley on the central island of El Nido. The flower's petals are a deep purple while the stem is green. Glenn and Riddel place this flower on Dario and Garai's memorial when visiting Termina.

• Belthasar

known as the Guru of Reason when in Zeal, he was transported millennia through time during the disaster of the Ocean Palace. He arrived in the ruined future a few years prior to 2300 AD and took residence alone inside the Keeper's Dome. Piecing together what he could using the computers, he researched Lavos and its activities throughout the ages. Belthasar constructed the Epoch, or as he has named it, "The Wings of Time", and entrusted it to Crono. Becoming malnourished, senile, and mentally unstable, Belthasar perished shortly after transferring his data to a (presumably robotic) Nu. After the apocalypse had been prevented due to Crono, Belthasar arrived instead in the unharmed future. There he began work on what would become Chronopolis before building a one-person time machine, the Neo-Epoch, and traveling to the 11th century. During the time of Chrono Cross he worked as a librarian within Viper Manor with the aspiration of meeting Serge so as to advise him of the Time Devourer when the moment was right.

• Bend of Time, the

an odd temporal distortion found among a small chain of islands in central El Nido. It is quite reminiscent of the End of Time but serves as a battle arena so one can fight monsters from around the entire archipelago.

• Blackbird, the

designed by Belthasar, it is a large blue airplane that is under the command of Dalton. It docks just outside Kajar on Zeal's western continent. Crono's team is eventually captured and taken aboard the aircraft to be held as prisoners. Later they end up inadvertently destroying it using the Epoch's lasers.

• Black Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the Black element which powers shadow and gravitational energy. It lies sleeping inside a cave on the island of Marbule in Another World.

• Black Nightmare, the

name given to the phenomenon of transparent spirits present in Home World's Marbule. In reality these apparitions are manifestations of the Black Dragon's dream being projected from across the other dimension.

• Black Omen, the

the resurrected Ocean Palace that has taken to the skies. Inside Queen Zeal dwells, reigning throughout the eras as an immortal. As long her link to Lavos, the Mammon Machine, supplies her with energy she will remain undefeated and the Omen will remain in the sky. In the Japanese version of the game it was known as the Black Dream.

• Black Wind, the

in Chrono Trigger it is presumably an aura that can be sensed by the magically inclined. It is not known exactly what the black wind means, but it seems to appear around one who is close to death. Janus reports that he felt the black wind after running into Crono. In Chrono Cross the Black Wind is a special division of the Porre military which is under the command of Norris. It appears that the Black Wind is a special investigations unit, considering Norris was sent undercover as a dishwasher in Viper Manor's kitchen.

• bluetip mushroom

an elusive fungus found deep within Shadow Forest. It is said to only sprout one day out of the year. Lisa's father in Another World recently found one on his latest trip to the forest.

• Café Fleur

an eating place in Another World’s Arni run by Belcha’s wife. After her husband’s departure she changed the décor to reflect her personality. As a result it has been turned into an eatery filled with flowers and inhabited by pet cats.

• Cape Howl

located on the western shore of the main island of El Nido, this is where Serge's tombstone lies in Another World. It is also here where he meets Kid for the first time as the two fend off Karsh, Solt, and Peppor. In Home World Serge came here to inscribe his love for Leena on a rock.

• Celine

Kiki's pet komodo dragon. Still a juvenile, she was captured by Kiki's father at Lizard Rock and given as a gift to Kiki. This only happened in Home World.

• Chancellor, the

King Guardia’s advisor, he was abducted in the Middle Ages and replaced by an imposter. Yakra, using magic to mimic a human appearance, was able to infiltrate Guardia to kidnap Queen Leene. The true chancellor was rescued by Crono upon Yakra’s defeat. In the year 1000 a similar scenario occurred. The beast’s descendant, Yakra XIII, assumed the guise of chancellor after locking the real one in chest within the castle; this phony is what was witnessed throughout most of Chrono Trigger. As before, the real consultant is released when Crono slayed the charlatan. In both generations the chancellor is a kind man, nothing like the irate impersonator that was able to fool so many.

• Choras

a small town just south of the Northern Ruins, found on the planet's most eastern continent. Near the village lies West Cape, on which lies the tombstone to the explorer Toma Levine.

• Chronopolis

its full name is the "Chronopolis Military Research Center". It is aimed at studying time and the possibility of time travel. Unbeknownst to the scientists working there, the facility's creator, Belthasar, had a hidden agenda which involved using the Frozen Flame to cause the Time Crash. After this occurred Chronopolis found itself 10,000 years in the past. In the most heavily protected regions of the facility is housed the legendary Frozen Flame. The center is also home to the sentient supercomputer FATE.

• Clotho

one of the three islands surrounding Chronopolis. A triangular barrier was formed between the islands which surrounded the research facility so that none could enter. The island was named after Clotho, one of the Moirae of Greek mythology. Often known as the Three Fates, they were a trio of women who personified destiny. Clotho, the youngest, is associated with one’s birth as she is said to "spin the thread of life". Read more about the Moirae on the Wikipedia article.

• Conservation of Time Theorem

As Gaspar so eloquently stated it: "When four or more human beings step into a time warp they will turn up at the space-time coordinates of least resistance", namely the End of Time.

• Crazy Ocean

the bar on the S.S. Zelbess in which Sneff performed his magic show.

• Crono

raised by his mother Gina, he lives with her and his pet cat. It is unknown who his father is. After his journeys in time he succeeds in preventing the apocalypse by destroying Lavos. After the return to his era, Crono marries Marle and presumably becomes the prince of Guardia.

• Cursed Woods

a forest found west of Porre in the Middle Ages. Frog, seeking isolation from society, has managed to make a home for himself within a hole found inside the woodland.

• Cyrus

the former Captain of Guardia's royal soldiers charged with the duty to protect the king and queen. He departed in 590 AD with his friend Glenn on an journey to retrieve the Hero's Medal from the Frog King. He was murdered by Magus atop the Denadoro Mountains after acquiring the Masamune. His ghost vehemently haunted the Northern Ruins until Glenn was able to put his soul to rest.

• Dactyl Nest

located north of Ioka Village, this is where pterodactyls come to roost. The animals have only been tamed by the Laruba tribesmen who have the ability to call upon them for flight. The chief of Laruba Village allows Ayla to use the dactyls as transportation in order to reach the otherwise inaccessible Tyrano Lair in order to rescue captured Laruba villagers.

• Dalton

Queen Zeal's top aide and general. He mainly carries out the queen's dirty work and does not hesitate to summon Golems to do his fighting for him. On the occasion he is forced into battle his strategy is to use the opposite element of the magic that is cast upon him. His desire for immortality goes unfulfilled as a result of the kingdom’s destruction, which he survives by escaping in his aircraft, the Blackbird. In the aftermath he appoints himself ruler of the "Kingdom of Dalton" and seizes the Epoch after imprisoning Crono‘s team. After his defeat aboard the flying Epoch he is his pulled into a strange gate when attempting to summon the Golem Boss. His current whereabouts are unknown.

• Dario

the 14th Grandmaster of the Acacia Dragoons. He assumed the position shortly after his father, Garai, was murdered. Dario was engaged to General Viper's daughter, Miss Riddel, but before they could wed he disappeared. On an expedition to the Isle of the Damned in 1017 with Karsh, Dario discovered the Masamune. Upon taking it Dario was consumed with negative feelings toward Karsh and was possessed by sword's hatred. Karsh was attacked by Dario and forced to fight against his friend. In Another World Karsh's retaliation was fatal and Dario was never to be heard from again. In Home World, however, Dario washed ashore on Forbidden Island and was nursed back to health by a woman, despite having lost most of his memory. Three years later he was discovered by Serge’s party. The Masamune materialized before him and Dario was again overcome with hatred. The heroes defeated him and in the process purged the Masamune of evil. Dario then regained his memories and dedicated himself on the restoration of the ruined Viper Manor with the intent to turn it into an orphanage.

Dark Moon, the

the second moon presumably appeared during the Time Crash as a result of objects being pulled from across dimensions. Why this happened is still unknown, though we do know the moon corresponds to Harle, the Dark Moon Dragon. As she is apart of the Dragon God it is not unthinkable the moon had its origins in the Reptite dimension.

• Dark Serge

the body of Serge inhabited by the spirit of Lynx. After using the Dragon Tear Lynx became trapped in Serge's body and vice-versa. Dark Serge is allowed to enter the room inside Chronopolis containing the Frozen Flame as the key is actually Serge's body. If the DNA sequence and retinal scan match that of the arbiter the doors will open, allowing one access to the flame. It was for this reason Lynx switched bodies with Serge. It can also be noted Dark Serge makes use of levitation and some magical powers. Perhaps this is because Lynx knows the true nature of the arbiter and has found a way to use the arbiter's powers granted by the flame.

• Darkness Beyond Time

an area that exists independent of other timelines. Destroyed timelines seemingly come to rest here as they have no place else to go. It is probable Lavos wound up here after his defeat at the hands of Crono. There he remained and merged with Schala who was also drawn to this point after a Gate formed in the Ocean Palace, pulling her in. Serge travels to the Darkness of Time to free Schala from her imprisonment. Things do not seem to age or change within this space as it has a time that is completely unlike that of other dimensions.

• Day of Lavos

this is the day in 1999 AD during which Lavos erupts from within the planet's crust and rains fire from the skies. This act in a sense spells the end for humanity as most life on the planet is destroyed. Storm clouds perpetually loom on the horizon, dust and debris fill the air, and all plants wither.

• Dead Sea, the

a segment of the ruined future condensed into what was the Sea of Eden. It is commonly thought that the Dead Sea represents what the future will become if events are allowed to continue on their present course. The existence of Serge threatens the future so this is why such an disaster has occurred in Home World, the dimension in which he was allowed to live. The destruction of the Dead Sea indicates that the fate of the future is yet undecided, as Serge's actions can still bring disaster or save the future.

• Death Peak

a large snow covered mountain found in 2300 AD. It is said Lavos came to rest atop the peak before giving birth to its spawn. The Black Omen hovers over this spot also, continually drawing any remaining energy from Lavos. It is to this mountain Crono's friends had to come in order to use the Time Egg so that Crono could be spared from death.

• Death's Door

the entrance to the Dead Sea in Home World. It is surrounded by both poisonous coral and dangerous tides. If one should succeed in entering the cave he will find it blocked by the Masamune. Lynx stole the ominous sword and placed it in the center of the cave to ward off potential explorers. As long as the sword remained, it's evil influence was enough to drive away anyone lest they be driven mad from the energy. In Another World Death's Door is known as the Pearly Gates and a rock wall blocks the exit through the cave rather than the Masamune.

• demi-humans

a race of humanoid creatures that have somewhat beastly features. As there is more to this than can be explained here, please refer to the Conjecture section of this site.

• denadorite

a mineral used among blacksmiths in El Nido to forge moderately strong weapons and armor. The ore is likely named after the Denadoro Mountains of southern Zenan. Based on this assumption many have surmised the rock is mined from the mainland in order to be used in trade with El Nido. If this is true it would mean denadorite is a valuable economic commodity for Porre.

• Denadoro Mountains

a large mountain found on the northern side of the southern Zenan continent directly east of San Dorino village. It is here that Magus incinerated Cyrus and turned Glenn into Frog. The blade of the Masamune lies shattered in a cave at the peak, guarded by the spirits Masa and Mune. Crono was forced to overcome their test of strength in order to claim the blade. The mountain is also noted for its strong winds.

Dimensional Vortex

a surreal area that seemingly exists between dimensions. Serge was banished here after he changed bodies with Lynx. The appearance of the realm is that of a brightly colored impressionist oil painting.

• Dinopolis

the city of Dragonians that was pulled over into Serge’s timeline from the Reptite dimension. It is commonly accepted that while Lavos pulled the Frozen Flame back through time to it (along with Chronopolis), an equal but opposite reaction forced Dinopolis to be pulled across timestreams as well. After a battle with the Chronopolis military the Dragonians were defeated and Dinopolis was sealed away beneath the waves. Only the utmost portion was visible above the waters, which over millennia became covered in flora. It is this part that is known as Sky Dragon Isle.

• Direa

the High Priestess and village chief of Another World's Guldove. She is very knowledgeable in Dragonian lore, the history of El Nido, and demi-humans. In Home World she has died by 1020 and is succeeded by her assistant shaman, Steena.

• Divine Dragon Faith

a now antiquated religion that was once widely practiced in El Nido before its colonization by Porre. Practicing members included Dragonians, demi-humans, and some humans. Divine Dragon Falls was regarded as a holy site and was used as a place of worship. About one hundred years ago members of the faith were pushed to outlying regions after immigrants took residency on the main island. The modern inhabitants of Guldove are the descendants of these refugees. If the current beliefs of Guldove are at all reminiscent of the Divine Dragon Faith we can surmise the religion revolved around dragon worship. Believers had a deep reverence for nature and viewed the dragons as the planet’s guardians. These tenets were strongly rooted in Dragonian tradition and undoubtedly originated in the Reptite timeline.

• Divine Dragon Falls

a small waterfall on the main island of El Nido where worshippers of the Divine Dragon Faith came to practice until they were driven away from the area by Zenan immigrants. At the top of the falls lies a cave in which a Power Spot is located. It is also here than the Chrono Cross was forged using the tears of love and hate.

• Doan

Marle's descendent that lives inside Arris Dome in the ruined future of 2300 AD. He is respected as a leader of the small group of surviving humans within the dome and gives to Crono the key for the jet bike he used to ride as a child.

• Doreen

the big sister to both Masa and Mune, she spends her days in the city of Enhasa while the Kingdom of Zeal still existed. In 1020 AD she merged with her brothers to empower the Masamune to an even higher level - that of Mastermune. Her name is presumed to have been a mistranslation of the word "Dream".

• Draggy

during his first trek through Another World’s Fossil Valley Serge discovered a large egg in the nest of an agitated dodo. When this egg was later placed in the incubators of Home World’s Fort Dragonia a small dragon hatched from it and immediately sought his siblings and mother. After being taken back to the valley Draggy learned the immense dragon skeleton therein was his mother who had perished long before.

• Dragon Emblem

an artifact handed down through the generations to the successive shamans of Guldove; ownership signifies one as being the Dragon Shaman. Direa loaned the symbol to Serge so that he might gain the trust of Steena, the shaman of Home World’s Guldove.

• Dragon God

a biological machine that regulates the planet's elements in the Reptite dimension. It can symbolically be thought of as the Dragonian equivalent to FATE. A war was raged between Dragonians and humans once Dinopolis arrived in 7,600 BC with Chronopolis. FATE used the powers of the Frozen Flame to split the Dragon God into six weaker lifeforms that she could keep under her constant control. Each new dragon embodied one of the six elements of nature. Once the dimensions were split the dragons were further divided, three to a world. After FATE was destroyed the seal of the flame was broken and the six dragons were free to cross dimensions and once again allowed to merge into their original form. It is also said the true Dragon God was absorbed by the Time Devourer in the "distant past". Many assume this occurred during FATE's sealing process as the flame was used, which serves as a link to Lavos. Further details on the Dragon God can be found in sections 1 and 9 on the Inquiries page.

• Dragon's Glory

a rare, yet well know drink of the Dragonians. The recipe seems to have been passed down to the people of Guldove as Korcha is able to steal the beverage from his mother's kitchen in order to bribe the dock supervisor at Termina. While it is wonderful by itself, the drink can also be used as a special ingredient in Viper Churros. Additionally, Another World’s Gogh keeps a flask of it in his private quarters. It is evidently alcoholic.

• Dragon Shrine

name given to the tower in Guldove which serves as the residence for the High Priestess. Inside is stored the village treasure, the Dragon Tear.

• Dragon's Tail, the

name of the bar in Termina. One of its specialty dishes is squid-gut pasta.

• Dragon Tank

a small tank built by Guardia's Research and Development division under the direction of the impostor chancellor of 1000 AD. It resembles a dragon but has small wheels on each of its sides rather than legs. It has the ability to eject small missiles from a chute on its back and its mouth can open to unleash a stream of fire. The head is also resistant to fire and electricity. Crono and Lucca were confronted with the tank while trying to escape from Guardia's prison.

• Dragon Tear

a light blue crystalline object crafted by Dragonians. Its powers include genetic reconfiguration as evidenced not only by its ability to exchange the bodies of Serge and Lynx, but also by its capability to reconstruct Serge’s original form based on his memories. Such a high level of technology rivals even what the workers of Chronopolis could create. The artifact was given to humans by the Dragonians in an act of friendship in the distant past. For years it had been passed on to be cared for by successive shamans in Guldove. In Another World it was stored in the Dragon Shrine until the Porre military used Orcha to unwittingly steal the tear for them. The treasure was shattered after the initial body swap between Serge and Lynx atop Fort Dragonia. The Dragon Tear served as a key to the fort and activated it by unlocking all passageways and disabling all its puzzles.

• Dragonians

the species of evolved Reptites that were pulled into the human's timeline along with their capital city of Dinopolis. It is unknown what Dragonians looked like as they were made extinct before the year 900 AD. Their relationship to the planet is much more intimate as they lead a natural existence not dependent on machines and polluting appliances. They have come to use the elements of nature to their advantage in the form of powerful elemental magic. Also called Dragonites.

• Dragoon Devas

the highest rank of Acacia Dragoons. Only four are selected at a time. In the beginning of the 11th century the devas were Garai, Radius, Zappa, and a yet unknown member. By 1020 these members had either died or retired, allowing for the next group to be selected: Karsh, Zoah, Marcy, and the recently deceased/missing Dario. The head of the Devas is termed the grandmaster; Garai and Dario served in this position of their respective deva groups.

• drakehorn grass

a native plant of El Nido that is used to make soup which is said to cure severe cases of coughing and similar ailments. Kein has been leaving it for Mary secretly on her windowsill.

• dreamstone

a red prehistoric mineral. The Mammon Machine, red knife, Masamune, and Schala's pendant were all made of dreamstone. It's exact properties are unknown, however dreamstone is quite good at amplifying energy, as seen on numerous occasions. The last era in which the rare mineral was found was in 12,000 BC. It is also said to be able to cultivate dreams, but exactly how this is done has not been explained.

• dwarves

a species of short, helmeted creatures with large noses. They originally inhabited the Hydra Marshes but were forced to relocate once the ecosystem began to fail. They resent humans and blame them for the destruction of their home. Seeking new residence, the dwarves chose to take over the faeries' village on Water Dragon Isle, killing numerous faeries in the process. Serge managed to drive them away, but it is unknown where they went.

• Earth Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the Yellow element, which controls earth forces and lightning. It rests within a cavern on Earth Dragon Isle in Home World.

• Earth Dragon Isle

an island found in the north-west sector of El Nido. In Another World the surface is completely devoid of sand, it having vanished within the space of a single night many years ago. In Home World the opposite is true as sand completely covers the isle. This is perhaps in response to the presence of the Earth Dragon who lies in a cavern below the surface.

• Earthbound Ones

humans that were denied entry to the floating Kingdom of Zeal. As a result they lack magic, as opposed to the Enlightened Ones of Zeal. They struggle to survive against the harshness of nature during the ice age by grouping together at Algetty inside the Terra Cave. They are looked down upon by all Enlightened Ones except for Princess Schala and the gurus. Some were used as slaves in order to construct the Ocean Palace.

• Einlanzer

the Dragonian equivalent to the Masamune. The sword was forged by Dragonians and eventually came to be owned by humans. It is passed on to the most skilled swordsman of the Acacia Dragoons, the grandmaster of the Dragoon Devas. Formerly this was Garai, and later his son Dario. As the sword is symbolically opposite that of the Masamune, it is the only blade with the power to fight against the Masamune's evil aura.

(Thanks to Stéphane for the following corrections)
In Home World the sword was placed at Garai's burial site on the Isle of the Damned, while in Another World it lies at Garai's memorial in Termina. It is interesting to note that the genuine Einlanzer is resistant to rust. The sword placed at Home World's Termina shrine is likely to be a replica as it is seen to be covered in rust. Thus we might assume that while Garai seemingly fights with two Einlanzers, only one of them is likely to be real and the other is a significantly weaker man-made copy. Thus when Glenn travels between dimensions he is able to claim the one true Einlanzer from each, thus making him the first person to wield two holy Einlanzers at once.

• Elaine

it is unknown what her relation is to Fritz, but based on her statements it may be surmised she is either his girlfriend or wife. She waits longingly for him to return from a trading voyage, unaware he is wrongfully being held within Guardia Prison. Upon his release, she helps mind the Truce Market with Fritz and his father.

• El Nido

an artificial archipelago completely constructed by FATE sometime around the year 7,600 BC. With the exception of Gaea's Navel, each island was built so the descendants of the Chronopolis employees would have a place to live while continually being monitored by FATE so as not to disrupt the timeline. It is implied El Nido lies in the seas west of Zenan.

• El Nido Triangle

formed by the peaks of three rocks emerging from above the water's surface, it is said strange things happen in this area. In actuality Starky's spaceship crash landed and sank beneath the waves. Part of the ship still functions resulting in a pocket of oxygen which surrounds it. It is because of this that Serge can explore the sea bed. The ship also gives off an eerie glow which can be seen from the surface. In Another World a large jellyfish known as the Royal Jelly blocks the entrance to Starky's ship. This area is also known as the Triplet Isles.

• Elements

created at Power Spots, these are presumably crystal-like objects that utilize the forces of nature to call forth powerful magical spells. Anyone can use Elements, but they must first be equipped on a grid carried with the person. It also seems as though Elements need to be recharged after battle before they can be used again. The forging of Elements is Dragonian technology that was brought to the human dimension as a result of the Time Crash. There are six groups of elements, each corresponding to a different force of nature.

• End of Time

when four or more persons attempt to use a Gate they are automatically transported here according to the Conservation of Time Theorem. It is here where the Guru of Time, Gaspar, came when he was pulled through time during the Ocean Palace disaster. The End of Time serves as home-base for Crono's team as numerous Gates can be found here that connect to all other eras.

• Enertron

a machine built in the future that one could use in order to achieve the results of a full night's sleep in only a matter of seconds, however it did nothing to resolve one's hunger. The people of the Arris and Trann Domes were able to survive based in part from the strength provided by the Enertron.

• Enhasa

found on the eastern continent, it is one of the two cities in the floating Kingdom of Zeal. Crono's death was predicted here as he briefly met Janus for the first time. Doreen frequently visits this town also.

• Enlightened Ones

citizens of Zeal who are proficient magic users. They shun the Earthbound Ones and deem them inferior. Many Enlightened Ones have a lot of pride, boasting of how their kingdom is the center of the universe. Most lounge around doing nothing with their days other than sleeping. After the link to Lavos has been broken and Zeal is destroyed they lose their magical ability and live with the Earthbound Ones as equals in the Last Village.

• Entity, the

an unknown being or force that is said to be responsible for the creation of Gates and the guiding of Crono during his adventures. The idea was brought about when Robo suggested this possibility after 400 years of contemplation. It was believed Crono's journey through time was merely a flashback of the Entity's life, which was to end soon. Hypotheses are varied regarding what this being may be, although most think the planet to be the preeminent choice. To date no concrete answer has been given.

• Epoch

also known as the Wings of Time. It is a time machine designed by Belthasar and constructed in the ruined future of 2300 AD. It was left in the care of Crono, but as it had no wheels it was forced to remain stationary. Rather it acted much like a Gate, taking the user to the same physical location but in a different time period. After Dalton added wings to it the Epoch was fully mobile. It is equipped with lasers, though those were used only to disable the Blackbird, and even then they were activated on accident.

• Esmeld

in the Radical Dreamers dimension he is a sophisticated green demi-human residing in the armory of Viper Manor. After serving tea to Kid's party, he relinquishes the key to the catacombs to them in exchange for an interesting story. In earlier times Esmeld was involved with Miss Riddel before she was forcefully separated from him and adopted by Lynx. Esmeld is willing to help those who might stop Lynx so Riddel can be free. Note that these events only transpired in the Radical Dreamers timeline.

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