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Encyclopedia:  F - L

• Factory, the

a building north of Proto Dome in 2300 AD where construction of robots continues. Robo and Crono ventured there to reset the power to Proto Dome so its back door could be opened and access to a new Gate granted.

• faeries

a species living on Water Dragon Isle in southern El Nido. Faeries have wings and so are able to fly for short distances. The faerie village is eventually attacked by the dwarves that were forced out of the Hydra Marshes. In the ensuing struggle many faeries were killed. As humans were blamed for pushing the dwarves to this, most of the faeries have a grudge against humanity.

• Fall of Guardia, the

event in 1005 AD in which the kingdom was attacked by Porre. Truce was burned to the ground and the kingdom was destroyed. During the battle the legendary Masamune was stolen by an unknown person. As of yet the cause for battle is unknown, as are the fates of those involved.

• Fargo

in Another World Fargo is a pirate aboard the S.S. Invincible, pillaging ships affiliated with either Lynx or General Viper. In Home World he runs a crooked casino cruise ship, the S.S. Zelbess, named after his deceased demi-human wife. Fargo is the father of both Nikki and Marcy.


a large-scale prototype supercomputer completed in the year 2300 AD of the timeline in which the Day of Lavos was prevented. The designers incorporated the old Mother Brain circuitry to make FATE an even more powerful supercomputer and included it into the design of Chronopolis. In the Present, FATE monitors the two parallel worlds and directly influences the inhabitants of Another World through Records of Fate so that none will be tempted to leave the islands and indirectly cause a dramatic change to the timeline which could threaten FATE's existence. FATE has been eliminated from Home World as a result of the formation of the Dead Sea.

• Fiona

a young woman living at the heart of the southern Zenan continent in 600 AD. Her dream is to work with her husband Marco to revive the forest around her house which has slowly been turned into desert by subterranean beasts. After cleaning out the monsters Robo volunteers to remain with Fiona so that he might help her replant the trees. Four hundred years later the culmination of this plan is a success as the forest has been completely restored. As a result, her house has been transformed into a memorial.

• Flea

one of Magus' three generals. Flea is a male shape-shifting Mystic who often takes the form of a young woman. Flea possess powerful magic and thus has no need to fight with conventional weapons. Flea's Japanese dialogue implies that he is slightly older than Magus, but his exact age cannot be determined.

• Forbidden Island

a small island north-east of the main island of El Nido. A small cabin exists here, entirely overgrown with moss. In Another World it is home to a lone demi-human. In Home World a single woman makes it her residence. Dario was found washed ashore here and was nursed to health by her.

• Forest Maze

a forest surrounding the Reptite Lair inhabited by wild animals in the Prehistoric Age. Crono and Ayla must venture through the thick foliage by following the footsteps of the Reptites who stole the Gate Key.

• Forest Ruins

found north of Medina in the Present age, it appears as a transparent blue pyramid. In actuality this is the remnants of the North Palace of Zeal. Inside have been sealed the Swallow sword and Safe Helm since 12,000 BC.

• Fort Dragonia

the fort was originally built by the Dragonian survivors after the species lost the war with Chronopolis. The fort was most probably designed for ceremonial purposes revolving around celebration of the dragons through use of the Dragon Tear. Inside are wonders foreign to the era in which the structure was built, such as robotic guards and teleportation platforms reminiscent of Zeal's skyways. These devices may have their origins in either the Reptite dimension or Chronopolis, or possibly both. Luccia ventured into the fort and experimented on some of the machines there, so it is not unthinkable that perhaps some of this technology was given to Porre's military.

• Fossil Valley

a small canyon at the center of El Nido's main isle. In it lie the bones of many dragons and lizards brought into the dimension from Dinopolis. As Dragonians used to inhabit the region, the area has become like a graveyard to their kind. The bellflower also blooms in the valley.

• Fritz

a young man who works at the market in Truce. He was captured with a group of traders and wrongfully accused of illegal actions. He was convicted without a trial and faced death in Guardia Prison before being rescued by Crono. He works at the marketplace with Elaine and his father.

• Frog

Glenn‘s pseudonym after his transformation into an amphibian demi-human as a result of Magus' magic. He journeys with Crono to defeat Magus and avenge the death of Cyrus, his friend since childhood. In the ending of Chrono Trigger the spell on Frog is broken and he regains his humanity, whereupon he becomes knighted by the King of Guardia. The Old-English accent Frog has seems to be a result of his new appearance since he spoke normal English in flashbacks of his youth, when he was still human. It has been speculated his amphibian tongue made it difficult to pronounce words correctly.

• Frog King

a large green amphibian responsible for stealing the Hero's Medal prior to 590 AD. After being confronted in a forest, the frog quickly succumbed to Cyrus' Nirvana Strike and forfeited the badge.

• Frozen Flame

a piece of Lavos that was presumably broken off his shell upon impact with the planet in the Prehistoric Age. It was buried underground only to be unearthed around 3 million BC. Humanity’s contact with it began a process of artificial evolution which tripled their brain size until the present. The flame was found on the seabed in the Apocalypse-averted future and stored within Chronopolis for study, held in the most secured depths of the facility. The artifact was instrumental in causing the Time Crash and was used during FATE’s division and sealing of the Dragon God. The flame is integral in linking the Arbiter to the Time Devourer and is intended to ultimately be used to free the beast from the Darkness of Time. It is said the flame can grant any wish, though it remains to be seen how this is accomplished.

• Funguy

after rescuing a man who had become trapped in a cave within Home World’s Shadow Forest Serge was rewarded with a mushroom that had been plucked from within the crevice. Lisa’s father, who was also in the forest, was collecting rare fungi and pleaded with Serge to have the morsel. Upon eating it his form was distorted to that of a mushroom-man. Angered with Serge he tagged along in the desperate hope the Frozen Flame could be used to restore his true form. As this proved futile Funguy ultimately came to accept his new appearance by journey’s end. In Another World Lisa’s father remained human but fell into a deep sleep after becoming ill.

• Gaea's Navel

a perfectly round island found in the south-western corner of El Nido. The area is home to a primeval forest in which dwell primitive cave-people, dinosaurs, and large prehistoric insects. In Home World the Green Dragon lies sleeping at the island’s center. The Beeba originally came from Gaea's Navel, which is known in their culture as the Ancient Ground.

• Garai

the 13th Grandmaster of the Acacia Dragoons, he was the leader of the four Dragoon Devas at the turn of the 11th century. He wielded the Einlanzer and was one of the top warriors of El Nido. At an unknown date he ventured with Radius to Divine Dragon Falls where the two discovered the Masamune. Overcome with jealousy brought out by the blade, Radius struck down his friend. Garai was buried on what became known as the Isle of the Damned. However Garai’s spirit remained restless. His ghost still haunted his grave and challenged Serge’s party for ownership of the Einlanzer. Later it became evident his soul had linked itself to the Masamune as he materialized above it when possessing Dario on Forbidden Island. It is presumed he was put to rest after Serge cleansed the sword after the battle. He had two sons, Dario and Glenn.

• Gaspar

the Guru of Time that once resided in the Kingdom of Zeal. During the Ocean Palace disaster he was enveloped in a time gate that propelled him to the End of Time. There he remained, standing under a lamp post, guiding lost travelers in time.

• Gate

a timegate that allowed one to travel to the same location but in a different era. Each Gate has a corresponding destination that cannot be changed. It seems anyone may use Gates, but as they are unstable it takes a Gate Key in order to force them open. It was hypothesized Lavos created Gates, but considering some had existed before Lavos' fall, this idea seems improbable.. As of yet their existence remains unexplained.

• Gate Key

a small device crafted by Lucca that is used to force open Gates so they may be entered. Using a Gate without the Gate Key is possible but due to the Gate’s instability is not recommended. Kino stole the Gate Key from the party while they slept after a prehistoric festival and in turn had the key stolen from him by Reptites.

• Gato

a humanoid robot built by Lucca as a battle trainer and set up as an attraction at the Millennial Fair. Though slow moving, it has a boxing glove that extends from its stomach so it can attack from a distance. A victory over it earned one 15 silver points. Gato is red and white in color, has metallic feline ears, and is prone to singing. It was eventually destroyed in the orphanage fire at Lucca's house sometime in the years following 1010. In the Japanese release Gato was known as Gonzales.

• Geno Dome

found on an isolated island in the year 2300, it houses the Mother Brain supercomputer as well as equipment designed to facilitate the execution of humanity. R-Series that have been re-programmed scour the planet for people which are collected and brought to the dome to be destroyed. Crono's team manages to stop the massacre by eliminating the Mother Brain and shutting the facility down . In the Japanese release it was fittingly called the Genocide Dome.

• Gerzbuehle

a territory in the west formerly under the command of General Viper. Ten years before Kid's journey into Viper Manor the general was slain by Lynx. It is unknown where this region exists as it is only mentioned in the Radical Dreamers dimension.

• Ghetz

a man who sacrificed his life in order to help Greco. Details surrounding the incident are completely nonexistent at this time. The old woman who managed Termina’s shrine in Home World was able to channel Ghetz’s spirit so it could communicate with Greco for one final time. Ghetz encouraged his friend to feel no remorse and promised his emotional wounds would one day heal. Until then he would be with Greco in spirit. Ghetz had a younger sister, Romana.

• Giant's Claw

a large mountain with subterranean caves found in 600 AD. At the bottom of these caves lie the ruins of the Tyrano Lair. At the deepest level lies the valuable rainbow shell, however it is guarded by a fearsome tyrannosaur. Toma Levine succeeded in discovering the entrance to the Giant's Claw but failed to explore its interior.

• Gina

the mother of Crono. Her name was not included in the English version but was disclosed in the original Japanese release.

• Glenn (Chrono Cross)

a young Acacia Dragoon private that is rumored to be named after a legendary hero of the past (that is, Chrono Trigger's Glenn), though to my knowledge this is not stated in the game. He is the brother of Dario but faces turmoil as he feels he can never live up to the standard his brother has set. He has trouble accepting Dario's disappearance but comes to be a powerful soldier in his own right once he gains the Einlanzer after traveling with Serge.

Glenn (Chrono Trigger)

a friend of Cyrus since childhood, when Glenn was teased by other children Cyrus would step in to protect him. After Cyrus became a knight of Guardia, Glenn acted as his assistant and the two left on a journey in 590. Together they recovered the Hero’s Medal from the Frog King and then sought the legendary Masamune. Shortly after receiving the sword they encountered Magus atop the Denadoro Mountains. The results of this meeting were grim as Glenn witnessed the death of his best friend. At Ozzie’s prompting, Magus transformed Glenn into an anthropomorphic frog and he narrowly survived with his life. Recovering both the medal and half of the shattered Masamune Glenn sought isolation. By the year 600 he made occasional appearances to Guardia Castle during which he undertook the role of becoming Queen Leene’s personal protector. He was able to overcome his sorrowful past only after avenging Cyrus’ death during Crono’s quest. In the ending to Chrono Trigger Glenn regained his human form and became knighted by the King of Guardia.

• Gogh

the father of Van, he lives with his son in Termina. In his youth he trained to be an artist and proudly produced quality works. His wife gave birth to Van in 1006 but in subsequent years she fell gravely ill. Gogh was too poor to afford her medication and because of this she died (evidently after 1010). In Another World Gogh was instantly changed by this event. On the very day of his wife’s passing he started working furiously and has kept busy ever since. Because of his efforts he lives in a two-story mansion with enough wealth to afford luxurious furniture and a housekeeper. In truth he gained this fortune by abusing his art skills to produce counterfeit paintings which he sold abroad. As a result he is often away on long sea voyages. He urges his son to study accounting, claiming painting will not ensure success and wealth. However in Home World Gogh remained a struggling painter. For 10 years he has continued living in poverty as he could not accept his paintings were good enough to sell. He used his own homemade paints, one of which was El Nido Blue, but refused to sell it despite knowing the color could be worth a substantial amount of money. He remains on the brink of eviction as he can barely gather the funds to pay his rent.

• Golem

creature summoned by Dalton. Golems mimic the type of magic that is used against them so a proper battle strategy can easily be formed. Dalton calls forth four Golems against Crono's party including the Golem Twins and the Golem Boss, the latter of which is deathly afraid of heights.

• Gonji

In Home World he acts as an assistant to Chief Radius in Arni. In Another World he has actually became Arni's chief as Radius chose to live alone on Hermit's Hideaway immediately following his retirement from the dragoons.

• Grand Slam, the

a fighting arena in the lower portions of the S.S. Zelbess. Here demi-humans could find brief relaxation by watching and betting on battles between monsters. Janice was a professional at this sport and commanded quite a lethal team.

• Greco

a man who maintains Termina’s shrine in Another World with Romana. He primarily works in spiritual matters and is first seen sending off the soul of a deceased child in a funeral ceremony. He was also the exorcist hired by the Acacia Dragoons to purify Fossil Valley. In the past he performed as a wrestler as he enjoyed the thrill of destruction. In a mysterious incident his life was saved by Ghetz, but it is not know how or why. Presumably this act spurred him to change his lifestyle. He remains sorrowful over the event but an encounter with Ghetz’s spirit helped ease his mind.

• Green Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the Green element, which controls the forces of both wind and plant matter. It sits at the center of Gaea's Navel in Home World.

• Grobyc

a cyborg employed by the Porre military. He was dispatched to El Nido with other troops and attempted to halt Serge's rescue of Lady Riddel. After witnessing Serge's strength in battle, Grobyc allied himself with the boy and turned away from Porre.

• Guardia

kingdom that rules the Zenan continent. It was founded in the first century AD and is celebrating its 1000th anniversary at the onset of Chrono Trigger. The ruling monarch is King Guardia XXXIII, with heir to the throne Princess Nadia. The kingdom has seen many crises, the most noteworthy of which include the epic war with Magus in the Middle Ages and a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy during the present. Despite its many victories, the kingdom suffered a devastating attack by Porre in 1005, which brought the country to ruins. Details surrounding this incident are yet unknown.

• Guardia Forest

woodlands surrounding Guardia Castle which are home mainly to small birds and animals. A Gate can be found in the eastern clearing that leads to Bangor Dome in 2300 AD.

• Guardia Prison

after rescuing Queen Leene the chancellor of 600 remarks that a criminal justice system must be established in the country to prosecute villains. This prison is the result of that statement. Within the walls prisoners are poorly cared for and the cells are damp and dimly lit. Inmates are often abused and left to die from neglect and starvation. Torture devices can also be found in the far end of the dungeon. Crono was scheduled to be executed here, as well as the merchant Fritz.

• Guillot

a large bipedal mobile robot. It belongs to the Porre military and was used against Serge during his infiltration of Viper Manor to rescue Riddel. Guillot has a rotating blade at the end of each arm that can heat up and slice an opponent. Porre likely acquired the resources to build such a machine from the ruins of Fort Dragonia.

• Guldove

a small village in El Nido‘s western seas. Forced off the main island by Zenan colonists one hundred years ago, followers of the Divine Dragon Faith moved to outlying islands. Those demi-humans which bore no grudge against humanity worked with humans to establish Guldove. This is virtually the only site where humans and demi-humans co-exist peacefully. The community is tightly knit and is heavily rooted in tradition involving Dragonian lore and ritual. The community’s leader is the High Priestess. In addition to a clinic there are three towers: the merchant and residential towers, and the third, the Dragon Shrine. The Dragon Tear was originally stored here until its theft by the unwitting Orcha.

• Harle

the seventh dragon god. In the year 1006 Schala's influence from beyond time caused a magnetic storm which forced Chronopolis to shut its power off. During this time FATE lost control of the Frozen Flame. With the seal on the six dragons slightly lessened, they used the chance to create Harle. She went forth and allied herself with Lynx, FATE's biological interface. She then worked to gain possession of the flame in order to steal it away from FATE so that the dragons could once again merge into their rightful form. After meeting Serge she faces emotional turmoil as she seems to develop feelings for him. She is then torn between obeying her purpose and following her own desires. In the end she reluctantly is forced to merge with the other dragons after FATE's destruction. It is presumed she lost her identity in this merger and disappeared with the Dragon God after its defeat atop Terra Tower.

• Heckran

a large blue beast which inhabits the Heckran Cave on the continent east of Zenan. It seems to be a type of Mystic who dislikes humanity. Crono is forced to fight the Heckran on a trek through the cavern in order to reach Truce. Heckran bones are also useful in creating soup stock, and dogs, Poshul especially, appear to favor them as well.

Heckran's Cave

a cave set into a mountain just north of Melchior's house. The fearsome Heckran dwells inside. It is dimly lit and partially flooded, but in the interior lies a whirlpool that connects to the ocean outside. By diving into this pool one can swim to the Vortex Point, located just off shore from Lucca's house.

• Hell's Cook

Orcha's alternate personality that emerged when he was secretly given Quaffid seeds by the Porre military. Once the transformation was complete he lost all control of his normal self and was forced to do the bidding of the troops.

• Hermit's Hideaway

an island used by Garai and Radius to train for battle. In Another World Radius retired from the Dragoons in 1016 and took up residency on the island. Though the house was destroyed in an attack by Harle, Radius had built a basement room into the trunk of a tree in which he could take refuge.

• Hero's Medal

stolen by the Frog King and recovered by Cyrus, it is the mark of the legendary hero. Glenn recovered the medal shortly after his transformation into Frog, but lost it a decade later when visiting a bar in Porre. Tata found the medal and was mistaken for the legendary hero. After fleeing from battle Tata admitted to being a phoney and gave the medal to Crono, who in turn returned it to Frog.

• Hero's Grave

this is what the Northern Ruins came to be called after they were repaired in the Middle Ages. Cyrus' tombstone rests in the basement.

• Home World

one of two possible realities that emerged as a result of the time split of 1010 AD. In this dimension FATE is no longer able to alter people's minds through the Records of Fate and so humanity has been left to its own devices. This explains in part the dramatic differences we see in this timeline compared to when that of Another World. Home World is the dimension in which Serge was rescued from drowning and the Dead Sea has formed, eliminating Chronopolis.

• Hunting Range

located just north of Ioka Village, this area is home to small game. After defeating a creature one can collect its horns, feathers, fangs, and other pieces to use for trading purposes back in Ioka Village. On the rare occasion it rains, a Nu can be found inside the hunting range.

• hydra

a large reptilian beast living in the Hydra Marshes in El Nido. Hydras were brought into the human dimension as a result of the Time Crash; their origin lies in the Reptite timeline. The hydra is the lifeblood of the marshes and the ecosystem deteriorates once the hydra becomes extinct. Serge was forced to kill the last remaining adult hydra in Home World in order to recover the hydra humour to save Kid's life. Luckily the murdered hydra was with young. The babies will one day grow to maturity so the ecosystem need not fail.

• hydra humour

hydra fluids; crucial ingredient in the mixing of an antidote to combat hydra poisoning.

• Hydra Marshes

a small swamp found on the south-eastern tip of the main island of El Nido. In Another World the marshes are nothing but a polluted acidic bog, inhospitable to almost all life. In Home World the swamp is on the verge of termination; only the presence of the last remaining hydra maintains its stability. Various fauna make the swamp their home, including the elusive wingapede. Dwarves also inhabited this area until they were driven away by the failing ecosystem.

• ice ages

a prolonged cold spell brought about as a result of Lavos' fall to earth. The alien's impact was like that of a meteor, causing changes in the climate which resulted in a long term cooling trend across the entire planet. The Reptites, being reptilian and ectothermic, were unable to adapt to this drastic change in temperature and became extinct.

• ice gun

one of Lucca's many inventions. It is located on the second floor of her house, inside her room. It's purpose is that of a fire extinguisher. Serge utilizes the gun to rescue Kid from the burning orphanage once he is transported back in time.

• Info Center

located on one of the basement floors of Arris Dome, this is where Crono came to learn of the Day of Lavos. It is a structure filled with computers, all of which house an enormous array of knowledge. Marle's descendant was the director of this facility in 1999 and witnessed the disaster unfold on the monitors. Doan also is a descendant of Marle and the director.

• Ioka Village

the prehistoric village of which Ayla is the chief. It is comprised entirely of huts where the villagers live, but also lays claim to a large meeting site where festivals may be held. The citizens of Ioka actively battle the Reptites, as opposed to the villagers of Laruba who remain hidden.

• Irenes

a blue mermaid demi-human. She is the sister of Zelbess and sister in-law to Fargo. In Home World she seeks help in trying to free the demi-humans of Fargo's enslavement so that Marbule might be rebuilt.

• Isle of the Damned

an island located in the north-eastern quadrant of El Nido. After Garai was murdered by Radius his body was taken to the island to be buried. In those days it was beautiful like any other. The landscape turned to that of bones, tar, and decay after negative sentiments from Garai’s spirit warped the surroundings. During an expedition in 1017 Dario and Karsh founnd the Masamune on the island. Some hypothesize the cursed sword may have had a part in changing the island’s appearance by amplifying negative energy.

• Janus Zeal

the son of Queen Zeal and the brother of Schala. Though young, he feels apathetic toward things and somewhat bitter. This could be caused by the drastic changes that have occurred to his mother in recent years. He regrets not being able to save Schala, whom he loves dearly. It is rumoured his magical ability rivals even that of Schala. During the Ocean Palace disaster he is enveloped in a Gate that propels him to the Middle Ages. There he is found by Ozzie. By 590 AD Janus had adopted the persona of Magus by altering his own appearance and leading the Mystics. Janus has a purple pet cat, Alfador.

• jet bike

a motorized conveyance found in the future, and manufactured prior to the Day of Lavos. Jet bikes seem to hover slightly above the ground as they race along and can fit up to two people. Crono is challenged to a jet bike race against Johnny after arriving in Lab 32. More jet bikes can be seen in the Dead Sea highway ruins, though they are frozen in time and cannot be used.

• John

a young boy found in Another World outside Zappa's shop practicing to become a hero. He recovered Pierre's lost hero medal but relinquishes it when informed of who it really belongs to. He has a girlfriend, Annie.

• Johnny

a robot residing in Lab 32 in the ruined future of 2300. Johnny had a bipedal humanoid appearance save for a few notable exceptions. On his chest were headlights, two exhaust pipes along with large tires where on his back, and his feet were in actuality wheels. All this allowed him to change into a bike of sorts so that he could race along at high speeds. He challenged Crono to a jet bike race through the ruins.

• Kajar

set on the Zeal's western continent, it is one of two cities in the airborne Kingdom of Zeal. Kajar was the center for magic research within the kingdom.

• Karsh

one of the three current Dragoon Devas. In Home World he vanished with other members of the Dragoons in 1017 during an expedition to the Dead Sea. In Another World he remained alive as he never undertook the jounrey. In both worlds he took a trip to the Isle of the Damned when Dario became possessed by the cursed Masamune. In order to defend himself, Karsh was forced to strike down his childhood friend. Karsh had long harbored feelings of affection for Riddel but never let them be known. Upon hearing of her engagement to Dario he offered his congratulations despite being deeply pained. Karsh is the son of the blacksmith Zappa and his wife Zippa.

• Keeper's Dome

the dome in which Belthasar took up residency in the ruined future of 2300. Inside he used the available computers to research Lavos. While there he was also able to construct the Epoch and transfer important data into a robotic Nu. The Keeper's Dome is set at the base of Death Peak.

• Kein

a young boy playing hop-scotch by himself outside Mary's house in Termina. He anonymously leaves drakehorn grass outside her window so she will get over her illness and come to play with him.

• Ketchop

a possible third brother or cousin to the Shaker brothers. He is large, muscular, and angry. He only appears to defend the entrance to Viper Manor from Serge, Kid, and Pierre's intrusion. He does not hesitate to use Solt as a club in battle.

• Kid

found by Lucca as a baby within the Guardia Forest in 1004 AD, she is in reality the clone of Schala. While she is unaware of this fact, Kid was created by Schala while she was in the confines of Lavos. Before Schala could completely come under Lavos' influence she sent her clone through time so it would have a chance to free her. Kid lived with Lucca until sometime after 1010 AD when Lynx and Harle burned Lucca's house. Afterwards she joined the resistance group "Radical Dreamers" and eventually found her way to El Nido in the pursuit of Lynx in order to exact revenge for Lucca's abduction. In 1020 AD after Schala has been freed, Kid travels to the year 1010 AD to save young Serge from being killed by Lynx. It is this action which causes the timeline to initially split.

• Kiki

a young girl living in Arni. In Home World her father captured a baby komodo lizard at Lizard Rock to give to his daughter as a pet. Kiki named her lizard Celine. In Another World Kiki is without a pet as her father distanced himself from his family. Kiki lives with her parents and grandfather.

• King Guardia XXI

the ruler of the Kingdom of Guardia in the Middle Ages. He was wounded while defending his kingdom from Magus' army but was able to make a full recovery by the end of the war. He acknowledges both Crono and Glenn's actions in the war and is grateful for them for recovering his missing wife, Queen Leene. To repay their efforts he graciously recovered the legendary Rainbow Shell and stored it safely within Guardia Castle.

• King Guardia XXXIII

the ruler of the Kingdom of Guardia in the present. He is the father of Marle and widow to Aliza, the former queen. Deeply concerned for his daughter and her well being, he forbids her to leave the castle. This leads to heated arguments between them which become increasingly more hostile throughout the game. Both sides remain stubborn and the conflict reaches its peak when the king excommunicates Marle from the royal family. Despite this, he his deeply hurt and misunderstands the situation, oblivious to the chancellor’s strategy of puppeteering the quarrel so as to create disorder in the monarchy. After the timeline was altered the imposter chancellor accused the king of conspiracy for selling the kingdom’s treasure, the Rainbow Shell. Marle was able to prove her father’s innocence and the two reconciled their differences.

• Kino

a young man living in Ioka Village. He was found as an infant in the Mystic Mountains and adopted by the chief of the village. He initially distrusts Crono and feels jealousy regarding Ayla’s new friendship with the time traveler. He steals the Gate Key, only to have it stolen from him by Reptites. For this he is reprimanded by Ayla. Later while Ayla is journeying with Crono, Kino serves as the temporary chief of the village. He is the love interest of Ayla and the two become married upon the adventure’s end. He is the earliest known ancestor of Marle.

• Knight Captain, the

as his title implies, he commands Guardia’s soldiers. The position formerly belonged to Cyrus but was opened when the knight failed to return from an expedition. The current captain struggles to live up to the standard Cyrus set and is continually besieged with the stresses of managing a war. Thankfully Crono lends him aide in both rescuing Queen Leene and defending Zenan Bridge. The captain is brother to Guardia Castle’s head chef, with whom he quarrels constantly.

• Knights of the Square Table, the

name given to Guardia’s armed fighting force in the Middle Ages. It is a pun which blends the name of game’s developer, Squaresoft, with Camelot’s legendary defenders.

• Komodo lizards

swift reptiles that live in the tropics of El Nido, specifically Lizard Rock. Their scales make beautiful necklaces so they are often caught for this reason. Some have been known to make good pets as the children of Arni Village favor them. It is possible the lizards were originally from the Reptite dimension, but we cannot know for certain.

• Korcha

an brusque boy from Guldove who is working as a ferryman during the Viper Festival. If Serge contracts Guile as a guide into Viper Manor Korcha will provide transportation to the cliffs behind the mansion. During Serge’s escape Korcha rescues the party after their leap from the manor terrace into the ocean. He takes them to his home and, after the discovery Kid has been poisoned, joins with Serge if he chooses to find a cure. After the girl’s recovery he lends his boat to Serge’s cause on two conditions: one being that he be given the Dragon Tear should Serge find it, and the other that Kid marry him. He claims to have fallen in love with her at first sight but ultimately his desires will go unfulfilled as she does not return the sentiment. Incidentally if Serge chose not to seek the hydra humour Korcha will lose his temper in frustration and refuse to offer either his boat or alliance. It is unknown who Korcha’s father was as it is only stated he no longer has one. His mother is Macha and Orcha is his uncle. He also has an adopted sister, Mel.

• Lab 16

a deteriorating section of ruins overrun by rats, mutants, and monsters in the year 2300. There is nothing of importance here other than a few sparsely placed items.

• Lab 32

a stretch of highway winding through ruins. The robot Johnny challenges Crono to a jet bike race here.

• Lachesis

one of the three islands surrounding Chronopolis. A triangular barrier was formed between the islands which surrounded the research facility so that none could enter. The island was named after Lachesis, one of the Moirae of Greek mythology. Often known as the Three Fates, they were a trio of women who personified destiny. Lachesis’ role was to "measure the thread of life", that is, to decide how long a person’s life would last. Read more about the Moirae on the Wikipedia article.

• Land Bridge

one of the two parts of a transportation system in the Kingdom of Zeal. Land bridges were established on the floating continents of Zeal. Those who used the land bridge would be teleported to the planet's surface where they would arrive in a building called a Skyway.

• Lara

Lucca's mother. In the year 990 an accident occurred with machinery which left Lara without the use of her legs. Through her time travels Lucca was able to spare her mother from this fate by shutting off the machine before it crushed Lara.

• Laruba Village

a village in the Prehistoric Age inhabited by a tribe who refuses to fight against the Reptites. Instead they have taken to hiding deep within the North Woods to avoid confrontation. Reptites eventually discovered their refuge and burned it to the ground after abducting many of the villagers. Only the people of Laruba have tamed pterodactyls, which they are able to call forth and ride.

• Last Village

a small array of huts in which dwell the survivors of the fall of Zeal and the remaining Earthbound Ones. While the population is small, all citizens are once again treated as equals. The Commons area is a part of this village. Alfador remains here as well.

• Lavos

a extraterrestrial being from an unknown planet. It descended to Earth 65 million years ago and burrowed into the planet’s lithosphere. Lavos' impact caused climatic changes which lead to the ice age and the extinction of the Reptites. Humanity was allowed to flourish and even evolved due to Lavos' influence. It feeds off the energy of the planet and grew stronger beneath the crust. In the year 1999 Lavos erupted on the planet’s surface to rain fiery projectiles across the globe. In the centuries following this disaster the alien gave birth to its progeny while it took residency upon Death Peak, the world’s tallest summit. Its ultimate goal was to achieve a higher evolutionary state by combining its genetic material with that of the planet’s native inhabitants. After its defeat by Crono, the dying Lavos remained stranded within the Darkness of Time whereupon it merged with Schala to evolve into the Time Devourer.

• Lavos Spawn

the offspring of Lavos. They are independent at a young age and feed off the essence of the planet. If this does not sustain them they will eventually migrate to other planets to begin a new cycle of destruction. Relatively weak, they can only receive damage to their mouths. Any attack to the shell will result in swift retaliation in the form of a needle spray.

• Leah

a young cave girl found living alone on Gaea’s Navel in Home World. Her father was a courageous warrior but disappeared when Leah was a baby. Her grandmother told her he "went to the sky" which is most likely a euphemism for death. The cause of Leah’s presence on the island is yet unexplained. She was separated from her village after facing what she called a "land anger" and found herself on Gaea‘s Navel. Evidently a small tyrannosaur came with her, whom she sometimes battles. She joins Serge in the hope of finding her father and a means to return to her village. Leah’s comments regarding naming her daughter (should she ever have one) Ayla have lead to much speculation but it is unclear at this point whether she shares any relation to Chrono Trigger’s heroine.

• Leena

Serge's girlfriend living in Arni Village. She lost her father, Miguel, in 1006 when he ventured out to sea on a stormy night with Serge's father. She occasionally visits Termina to see her friend Lisa. Leena lives with her sister Una, mother, grandmother, and their dog, Poshul.

• Leene Square

located just north of Truce, it is set at the base of Truce Canyon. Following Guardia's victory over Magus the square was built and named in the queen's honor. The centerpiece is the beautiful Leene’s Bell. In the year 1000 the site hosts the Millennial Fair, with Nadia‘s Bell being placed at its center. A partially destroyed Leene Square is also found at the heart of the Dead Sea. It is yet unknown why it appears there.

• Leene's Bell

Banta was appointed by King Guardia to craft the bell in order for it to be presented to Queen Leene as a gift. Once Leene Square had been built the bell was placed at its center where it remained until the year 1000, whereupon it was replaced with Nadia's Bell. It is said those who hear Leene's Bell ring with have happy, yet interesting lives.

• Leene, Queen

rules the Kingdom of Guardia during the Middle Ages with her husband; she is a direct ancestor of Marle. During the war with Magus she was abducted by Yakra and held prisoner in Manoria Cathedral. Through the efforts of Frog, Lucca, and Crono she was rescued shortly before her scheduled death. It is unknown who saved her in the original timeline. Her name is correctly pronounced "lee-nay".

• Life Sparkle

a rare flower that is unique in that it only thrives in the toxic waters of Another World’s Hydra Marshes. Luccia dispatched many dragoons to recover the specimen but none returned. After Serge retrieved the plant it was used to activate the artificial life form NeoFio.

• Lisa

a girl who runs an Element shop in Termina with her father. She is good friends with Leena.

• Lizard Rock

located at the south-western tip of the main island of El Nido, it is a gathering place to komodo lizards. It is here that Serge is sent to seek komodo scales so that Leena can make a necklace. In Another World the area was sealed off to prevent people from venturing to Opassa Beach, the area where Serge had died.

• Lolo

a young boy living in Arni. In Home World he seemingly likes Kiki and told her he would find some komodo scales so she could make a necklace.

• Lucca Ashtear

a brilliant scientist and inventor living in Truce during the present. Though the townsfolk regard her as an eccentric failure, her Telepod proved to be a tremendous success as it sparked Crono’s adventures through time. Her Gate Key allowed the party to travel between eras through the utilization of Gates. Having designed Gato, she is a genius when it comes to mechanics and single-handedly repaired the 300 year old Robo. Upon Chrono Trigger’s end she continued to study and established herself as a respected scientist; even in the year 2400 top Chronopolis researchers knew of her time travel theorems involving Time Eggs and black holes. While walking in the forest in 1004 Lucca found an infant, Kid, and adopted her. In subsequent years Lucca renovated her house by converting it into an orphanage, presumably to care for children who had lost their families in the war of 1005. In 1015 her house was burned on the fateful night she was abducted by Lynx. She possessed knowledge of how to bypass the lock on the Frozen Flame the Prometheus Circuit had established and Lynx intended to gain this information. She is said to have been killed by the demi-human in the aftermath. At the turn of the century she lived with her father, Taban, and mother, Lara.

• Luccia

a scientist who grew up working on the Zenan continent. She was a dear friend and colleague of Lucca. Luccia was employed in a laboratory in Porre but after her brother died performing an experiment she left the country to escape the unpleasant memories. Luccia arrived in El Nido and took residency in Viper Manor where she conducted research. Her expertise is varied as she is a scholar of both biology and mechanics. She tampers with creating improved life forms such as NeoFio, who owes its existence in part to Luccia. Alternatively she is quite adept at dealing with robots. After traveling to Fort Dragonia Luccia recovered machine parts from the ruins which she put to use in remodeling the Cybots which patrol the manor grounds. In an event nine years ago Zelbess was on the verge of death but despite her sincerest efforts Luccia was unable to save her. She was, however, able to rescue Marcy, who she has tried her best to support in subsequent years. In the Japanese release her name was Lutianna.

• Luna

Mel's black cat.

• Lynx

a feline demi-human with strong political ties to Porre. Lynx's true form is that of Wazuki, Serge's father. While trying to find a cure for Serge's panther poisoning in 1006 Wazuki’s boat was blown off course and came to shore within the Sea of Eden. At the time an electrical storm forced the FATE supercomputer to shut down, temporarily allowing passage through the Pearly Gates. Inside Chronopolis the Frozen Flame healed Serge's body. Within ten minutes FATE was able to reactivate and began to physically re-model Wazuki into the form of a cat-like beast, Serge's worst fear immediately following his attack. Wazuki was to become FATE's biological interface and execute the computer's wishes outside of the Sea of Eden. It is likely the change did not happen instantaneously. Many have surmised Wazuki retained his humanity long enough to escape the facility and bring Serge safely back to Arni. In the following years he slowly succumbed to FATE's grasp as his form changed. The fully formed Lynx then appeared four years later to kill Serge, knowing that the boy's existence could cause the termination of the timeline. By 1015 Lynx had allied with Harle and the two confronted Lucca, hoping to gain knowledge of how to disable the lock the Prometheus Circuit had put on the Frozen Flame. Lucca’s home was burned and the scientist was abducted, later to be killed by Lynx. In subsequent years the demi-human allied himself with General Viper. In Home World Lynx returned to the Dead Sea in 1017 with the general and his dragoons, whereupon they all became frozen within the Tower of Gheddon. However in Another World this expedition was not made and Lynx remained as a guest within Viper Manor, waiting for Serge to arrive from the other dimension. This event fulfilled, he lured the boy to Fort Dragonia where the two switched bodies using the Dragon Tear. Lynx, now inhabiting Serge’s body, was able to gain admittance to the room in which the Frozen Flame was held as the key was, quite literally, Serge. After merging with FATE inside Chronopolis Lynx was destroyed along with the supercomputer at the hands of Serge.

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