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Encyclopedia:  M - R

• Macha

the mother of Korcha and Mel. Like any good parent, she tries to raise her children to be morally respectable people, which is not always an easy task considering her kids’ lively natures. She smoothes matters over between Serge and her son if the former chooses not to undertake the quest for the hydra humour. Worried for Serge, she escorts him back to Termina and volunteers further services as needed. She is the sister to Orcha.

• Magic Cave

a cavern located at the base of a mountain on the eastern shores of the southern Zenan continent. The path lead under the ocean and connected to a cave on the island on which Magus' Castle was built. As the island was otherwise inaccessible, this was the only link between the wizard’s fortress and the mainland and was frequently used by Magus’ army. When not in use the Mystics would seal the cave magically by closing its entrance with a rock wall. The Masamune was used to break this barrier to allow Crono entrance to the cave.

• Magical Dreamers

the name of Nikki's band. Nikki is the lead singer with accompaniment from Miki. Dancers Mi and Yu provide backup. They travel the seas in their own performance ship, giving concerts when able. Some speculate that Lucca provided the inspiration for this name, but at this point it can be neither confirmed nor denied.

• Magil

a blue-haired magician in his early thirties who accompanies Kid and Serge during their infiltration of Viper Manor in the Radical Dreamers timeline. Though nothing is known about his past, Magil's knowledge of both Zeal and the Masamune has lead many to believe his true identity is Magus, though this is not directly stated in Radical Dreamers. Magil wears a mask over his face at all times to conceal his true appearance. He has a solemn demeanor and can quietly glide, and perhaps even disappear, into the darkness as needed. He is sometimes known as "Magil of the Shadows" for this reason.

• Magus

alias adopted by Janus sometime after his arrival in the Middle Ages. After disappearing into a Gate in the Ocean Palace Janus arrived in Truce Canyon sometime in the latter half of the sixth century. There he was immediately found by Ozzie. Under the Mystic’s guidance the boy was raised to despise humanity. Given his magical ability, Janus quickly rose in power to become the leader of the beastly race. During a journey to the Denadoro Mountains he found Cyrus, whom he promptly murdered by invoking a fire spell. He spared Glenn’s life but transformed him into an anthropomorphic frog. Years later Magus rallied the Mystic race and engaged war with Guardia, all the while waiting for the time when he could summon Lavos to his castle to destroy the beast. In the original timeline he got this opportunity but was vastly outmatched by the alien, who quickly slaughtered the wizard. In the altered timeline Crono and Frog’s intervention spared Magus of this fate, instead teleporting him to Zeal. Again faced with the opportunity to confront Lavos, he seized his chance but failed to succeed and barely escaped with his life. Magus harbors deep feelings of love for his sister, Schala, and undoubtedly feels responsible for her disappearance as he was repeatedly unable to stop both Queen Zeal and Lavos. At the end of Chrono Trigger he presumably returns to 12,000 BC to search for his sister. It is unknown how Janus was able to warp his appearance so drastically, but it can be assumed that if he has the power to change Glenn into a frog, he might also have the power to alter his own looks.

• Magus' Castle

found on the continent directly east of Zenan, it can be reached only through the Magic Cave as the continent's sheer cliffs prevent climbing. The castle’s entrance is fiercely guarded by two of Magus’ generals: Slash and Flea. Should they be overcome, one must defeat the over one hundred Mystics who call the citadel their home. Ozzie guards the throne room and must be defeated in order to gain access to the inner sanctum, the area occupied by Magus. A large gargoyle statue is built upon the roof, silhouetted by the yellow light of the full moon.

• Mammon Machine

made of dreamstone and crafted in the image of Zeal's royal crest, it is used to draw upon and amplify the energy of Lavos to provide Queen Zeal with power. In order to be closer to its source, the device was moved to the Ocean Palace after its construction had completed. The queen’s ultimate goal in this endeavor was to achieve immortality. As long as the machine functioned the queen retained her link to Lavos and so remained bent on this objective. The thrusting of the red knife into the Mammon Machine caused it to malfunction, allowing for a surge of Lavos’ energies which culminated in the alien’s appearance. Though still functional, the greatly damaged machine was found within the Black Omen and was successfully destroyed by Crono’s team.

• Manoria Cathedral

the site where Yakra held Queen Leene prisoner in 600 AD. Frog infiltrated the building and, allied with Crono and Lucca, defeated Yakra to rescue the queen and chancellor. The cathedral is absent from 1000 AD and was likely demolished sometime in the Middle Ages after it had been discovered monsters had desecrated it by using the holy site as a base.

• Marbule

the village of demi-humans located in the south-eastern seas of El Nido. Demi-humans hold a grudge against humans for being forced off the main island during the early days of colonization. As a result humans are unwelcome in the village. In Home World the demi-humans were enslaved and forced to work on the S.S. Zelbess so the town remains nearly deserted. The only occupants are ghostly Lagoonates, representations of the Black Dragon's dream from the other dimension.

• Marco

the husband of Fiona who was dispatched to battle the troops of Magus. After the war he returns to Fiona and helps her to fulfill her dream of replanting the forest.

• Marcy

the daughter of Fargo and Zelbess. While the details surrounding her birth are murky it is known that she was saved by Luccia as an infant. The scientist also tried to save Zelbess’ life but was unsuccessful. Feeling guilty, Luccia cared for Marcy as best she could, though she knew what the child really needed was a loving family. Marcy therefore was raised in Viper Manor never having known her parents or brother, Nikki. She became a Dragoon Deva at an incredibly young age and is reputed to be extraordinarily fierce. During her initial encounters with Serge she expresses extreme hate toward the boy which she later retracts when he becomes an ally later in the game. Although she is half demi-human she still appears fully human and is said to bear a striking resemblance to her mother. In Home World she became frozen within the Dead Sea with the other dragoons in 1017. In the Japanese version her name was Marcella.

• Marge

the mother of Serge. In Another World she died shortly after 1010 AD, the year her son drowned.

• Marina

a young girl found in Dario's former home in Another World. She comes to find that two of her friends who are brothers have affection for her. Each wishes to marry her and so a dispute erupts between them. When she learns of this, Marina tries to let them down gently by explaining her true feelings are for John.

• Marle

princess of Guardia during the present. Though her true name is Nadia, she uses the pseudonym Marle after escaping Guardia Castle for a day of fun at the Millennial Fair. There she becomes fast friends with Crono, a relationship which eventually culminates in the couple’s marriage at the end of Chrono Trigger. A malfunction with Lucca’s Telepod sends Marle on an accidental trip to the Middle Ages, whereupon she is mistaken for the missing Queen Leene, her ancestor. The still missing queen’s impending murder compromises Marle‘s existence and she vanishes from the timeline. Only through the rescue of the real queen by Crono is Marle saved. Throughout the game she frequently butts heads with her father, the king, as she feels he is overprotective. After believing the false chancellor’s lies she blames her father for the death of her mother, an act which gets her expelled from the family. She makes amends with her father by clearing of him of a conspiracy charge after exposing the chancellor as an imposter. She inherited Schala’s pendant, an heirloom which is very dear to her.

• Mary

a young girl living in Termina with her mother. She is quite ill and spends most of her time in bed. She likes hearing Korcha's stories and believes he is a good person despite the disapproval this raises from her mother. Mary's father was lost at sea sometime in the recent past. Kein leaves her drakehorn grass so she will recover from her sickness.

• Masa

the older brother to Mune, he and his siblings are the physical manifestation of Melchior’s dreams. A mysterious creature, his spirit is associated with Melchior’s dreamstone knife. After the weapon’s metamorphosis into the Masamune he acts as one of the guardians of the sword by testing those who wish to claim it. He relinquishes possession of the blade to Cyrus, and later Crono, after being bested in battle. It is unknown what befell Masa and Mune during the events of 1005, but it is assumed they were put to sleep, thus allowing for the sword to become cursed. After Serge purifies it in 1020 the two spirits awaken, seemingly unaware of what has fully transpired. Masa, with his two siblings, also transfers power into Kid’s amulet, allowing Serge to free her of her nightmares. To differentiate himself from his brother, Masa’s clothing features a green collar. Masa has an older sister, Doreen.

• Masamune

the act of thrusting Melchior’s dreamstone knife into the Mammon Machine resulted in an efflux of Lavos’ energy which transfigured the blade into the Masamune. The sword was presumably broken in 590 during Cyrus’ battle with Magus. The blade remained atop the Denadoro Mountains while Glenn was able to recover the hilt, which he stored in his home. The sword was fixed by Melchior after Crono ventured to the Prehistoric Age to recover the needed dreamstone. After Chrono Trigger ends Glenn kept the sword with him and it is assumed to have remained stored within Guardia Castle after his death. In 1005 the blade was again used for battle. Stained with blood after being used to slaughter the innocent, the Masamune was taken from the battlefield by an unknown person. It reappeared some time later in El Nido after mutating into a twisted crimson blade. With an aura of malice, it possessed those who held it, igniting in them desires for destruction. Through Serge’s action the weapon was purified in 1020 in Home World. To read more about the Masamune’s journeys in El Nido consult the Inquiries page.

• Mastermune

after the Masamune is purged of evil at the hands of Serge, the sword's spirits Masa and Mune combine with their big sister Doreen to give Serge a powered up version of the blade. The sword again transforms, this time into a swallow Serge is capable of using.

• Medina

a village of demi-humans located on one of the planet's eastern continents in the present. The citizens of Medina remain bitter toward humans, a grudge which they have held the last 400 years. This hostility stems from humanity’s victory over Magus, their ancestors‘ leader. During his time travels Crono is able to change this. His defeat of Ozzie ends the Mystic’s leadership and the anti-human beliefs fail to be passed to future generations. As a result the modern demi-humans work with humanity rather than against it. Plans for a ferry between Medina and Truce prove a friendship had been established between the two races.

• Mel

the adopted daughter of Macha. Her biological parents are unknown and, perhaps because of this, she sometimes lacks confidence. Around Guldove she is known as a mischief maker, most recently due to her attempt at stealing Kid‘s Elements. She has a black cat named Luna.

• Melchior

known as the Guru of Life when in Zeal, he was transported millennia through time during the disaster of the Ocean Palace. He arrived in the years prior to 1000 and worked as a blacksmith, forging and selling weapons. During his time in Zeal he protested the queen’s desire to drawn energy from Lavos, an act while resulting in his exile to the Mountain of Woe. He was also among the few which took sympathy on the Earthbound Ones, visiting them frequently. Among Melchior's many successes are the crafting of Schala's pendant and the restoration of the Masamune.

• memento pendant

an accessory given to Dario from his mother. Upon his engagement to Riddel he passed the keepsake on to her. She later used the pendant to help him regain his memory in Home World.

• Mi

one of the background dancers for the performing group Magical Dreamers. She wears green attire to distinguish herself from her twin sister and partner, Yu. Together they share the dream of one day taking the lead role in a show.

• Miguel

father of Leena. When Serge became poisoned by a panther, Miguel accompanied Wazuki to find help. After arriving in Chronopolis Miguel remained behind (though by force or by choice is not clear) and eventually came to be the watchman of the Dead Sea. There he stayed until he could inform Serge of the nature of the Frozen Flame and FATE. His defeat freed him of this duty and allowed the Dead Sea ruins to vanish.

• Miki

the lead dancer for the performing troupe Magical Dreamers. In Another World she beseeches Serge to enter Shadow Forest to look for Nikki, whom she has tracked to the entrance. After the cancellation of both the Viper Festival and her concert she is anxious to leave Termina. In Home World she is energized to perform the Song of Marbule and, as with all her shows, really wishes the audience would appreciate the soul of her performance instead of focusing on the group’s flashy look.

• Millennial Fair, the

festival in 1000 AD commemorating the new millennium and the 1000th anniversary of the Kingdom of Guardia.

• Mojo

a sentient straw doll being worshipped by Kiki’s father in Another World that claimed to be a "messenger of love and courage". The man bought the doll at a discount price as it came packaged with the three cat idols Aurey, Lasery, and Lickey. Mojo’s origins lie in the enigmatic "far east" where he was but one of many dolls constructed over a decade earlier. The figures were shipped throughout the world with only two having arrived in El Nido. Mojo regarded the sparring dummy Dario trained with to be his big brother. After encountering Serge Mojo pondered his own role and came to the realization he was not a lucky charm; instead he was a tool for hate to be used in placing malicious curses upon people. He regretted his existence as he did not wish to be used for this purpose. Eventually he came to recognize the value in the friendships he had made and decided he was grateful to be alive. He changed his name to Mojoy and set out with a new goal: to truly bring happiness to people.

• Moonstone

a Sun Stone that is without its power. Instead of glowing brightly, the stone remains plain and dark. Crono succeeds in recharging the Moonstone by leaving it in the Sun Keep under the sun's rays for millions of years. By 2300 AD the process had completed and the stone was reenergized and again known as the Sun Stone.

• Mother Brain

a sentient computer that managed the RY-series factory, a robot-production facility, sometime prior to 1999 AD. In the ruined future of 2300 the Mother Brain rebelled against humanity by deciding to use an army of robots to eliminate the survivors of the apocalypse. Her goal was to create a new world populated solely by machines. Crono, with Robo’s aide, entered the Geno Dome and succeeded in terminating the computer. In the new future which sprang from Lavos' defeat the Mother Brain system was later upgraded into the FATE supercomputer and was set in charge of managing Chronopolis.

• Mountain of Woe

a large mountain that, by magical influence, hovered ominously over Terra Cave. The site acted as a prison of sorts as Melchior was banished there for rebuking the queen. The behemoth Giga Gaia stood guard at the summit, preventing those who would dare rescue the guru. After the beast’s defeat by Crono the chains which linked the mountain to the ground broke, as well as the spell which kept it aloft, as the entire peak came crashing to the ground.

• Mount Pyre

found on the eastern edge of the main island of El Nido, it is a volcanic mountain. In Another World it is also home to the Fire Dragon. A cave cuts through the mountain leading to a small canyon, at the center of which lies Fort Dragonia. Through Mt. Pyre lies the only accessible path to the fort.

• Mune

the younger brother to both Masa and Doreen, he and his siblings are the physical manifestation of Melchior’s dreams. As much as Doreen is fascinated by dreams, Mune is drawn toward the wind, continually wanting to become it. Like Masa, Mune’s spirit is associated with Melchior’s dreamstone knife. After the weapon’s metamorphosis into the Masamune he acts as one of the guardians of the sword by testing those who wish to claim it. He relinquishes possession of the blade to Cyrus, and later Crono, after being bested in battle. It is unknown what befell Masa and Mune during the events of 1005, but it is assumed they were put to sleep, thus allowing for the sword to become cursed. After Serge purifies it in 1020 the two spirits awaken, seemingly unaware of what has fully transpired. Mune, with his two siblings, also transfers power into Kid’s amulet, allowing Serge to free her of her nightmares. To differentiate himself from his brother, Mune’s clothing sports a purple collar.

• Mystic Mountains

a mountain range in the Prehistoric Age. Kino was found here as a baby. It is named for its mysterious nature as strange happenings are associated with it. This is most probably due to the presence of a Gate among its cliffs. It has been speculated the Mystics were named after this mountain range, based both on the presence of the kilwalas which frequent it and its proximity to what will one day become Medina.

• Mystics, the

name given to the demi-humans who sided with Magus during the Middle Ages. There is more to say about the Mystics than can be explained here, so refer to the Conjecture section for more details.

• Nadia, Princess

Marle's true name and title. See entry "Marle" for more information.

Nadia's Bell

given to Princess Nadia by her father during the closing ceremonies of the Millennial Fair. It replaced the 400 year old Leene's Bell. Nadia's Bell can also be seen within the depths of the Dead Sea, lying broken on the ground.


small one-seated time machine Belthasar built in the apocalypse-averted future. He used the craft to travel to the years following 1000 to see the effects of the Time Crash. This is how he came to be in El Nido, working in the library of Viper Manor. The Neo Epoch lies hidden in a secret room in the manor, yet it seems to have been partly dismantled.

• Nikki

a rock star that tours the seas of El Nido on his concert ship performing as needed. He was scheduled to play at the Viper Festival until he ventured into the Shadow Forest in an attempt to find his sister, Marcy. He is the son of Fargo and Zelbess.

• Nirvana Strike

Cyrus' tech attack. Seen only once, during the battle with the Frog King.


a muscular grey bipedal triceratops that serves Azala. Nizbel is weakened by lightning attacks but can store the energy to be released against his foes. It is open to interpretation whether Nizbel survived his battle with Crono inside the Reptite Lair and returned to Azala's castle to fight again, or if the Nizbel seen in the Tyrano Lair is a different one. Regardless, the latter looks and behaves the same and is likewise promptly defeated.


Miss Riddel's personal attendant in the Radical Dreamers timeline.

• Norris

leader of the Black Wind, a special division of the Porre military. He was sent on assignment to El Nido to discover the truth of Lynx's alliance with General Viper and the rumours regarding the Frozen Flame. During this time he worked undercover as a dishwasher in the kitchen of Viper Manor.

• Norstein Bekkler

an odd magician who travels the world seeking carnivals at which he can set up his famous "Tent of Horrors". Little is known about him otherwise, but he was crucial in that he was able to provide a doll which resembled Crono. This in turn was to be substituted during the time freeze so Crono could be spared from death.

• North Cape

found north of the Last Village in 12,000 BC, this is where Magus appears and offers to join Crono's allies if they refuse to do battle with him.

• North Palace

building on Zeal's Northern Continent. The elemental weapons were sealed here after the kingdom began using the energy of Lavos. The seal takes the form of a dark blue transparent pyramid. After the fall of Zeal the palace re-emerged by the Middle Ages but was surrounded by dense forest. It wasn't until the present that a path can be cleared to reach it. Inside are sealed the Swallow and Safe Helm.

• North Woods

forest that conceals Laruba Village. It is partially burned by the Reptites after they discover a tribe of humans hides within. Located just northwest of Ioka Village.

• Northern Ruins

a dilapidated fortress or castle found north of Choras. It is unknown what the ruins' original purpose was but they came to be the final resting place of Cyrus. In the present the knight’s spirit haunts the entrance, preventing anyone from reaching his grave in the basement. However, in the Middle Ages Crono paid a carpenter to have the ruins repaired. After eliminating the resident ghosts Frog was able to venture to Cyrus’ tomb to meet with his spirit so it may rest. Henceforth the ruins were known as the Hero's Grave and Cyrus‘ ghost disappeared.

• Nu

a strange purple creature with a round body, green hair, and long arms. One of these can be found in every era. It is unclear where Nu came from but they appear in great numbers in Zeal. Belthasar safeguarded his memory data into a Nu in the year 2300.

• Ocean Palace, the

an undersea structure designed by Belthasar and constructed by enslaved Earthbound Ones during the Dark Ages. Queen Zeal moved the Mammon Machine here so it could be closer to, and draw more energy from, Lavos. After Melchior’s red knife is thrust into the machine matters spiral out of hand as Lavos appears, destroying the floating continents of Zeal. Through Crono’s interference to the timeline the queen was allowed to raise the structure to the skies as the Black Omen.

• Opassa Beach

a quiet beach found west of Arni Village. This is the site of where Serge died at the hands of Lynx in 1010. A temporal distortion is found on this beach allowing one to access parallel dimensions.

• Orcha

the brother of Macha and uncle of Korcha and Mel. He is a passionate cook working inside Viper Manor. Originally from Guldove, he was unwittingly used by the Porre military to steal the Dragon Tear found in his home village.

• Orlha

a young woman employed at the bar in Another World’s Guldove. Due to a legend which regarded twins as a portent of tragedy Orlha was separated from her identical twin sister Tia when they were infants. Orlha remained in El Nido with her father while her mother left the island chain with Tia. Orlha has felt a void in her heart her entire life at having lost her sister. Her only remaining connection to Tia is their family’s sapphire brooch which was split between the girls, with each having received half of the jewel. Once Orlha was able to travel to Home World she was briefly reunited with Tia who had fallen ill and was being cared for in Guldove’s clinic. Orlha’s fate in Home World is a mystery as she cannot be found in El Nido.

• Ozzie

Magus' right hand man and top general. A green Mystic, Ozzie is bitter toward humanity though it is not clear why. He seems to possess limited magical powers which involve lightning but is hesitant to use them as he would rather flee a battle than engage the enemy. Ozzie is older than Magus and has looked over him since he was a child. After the wizard’s disappearance Ozzie retreats to his own fort where he maintains a loose grip on the reeling Mystic forces. He is promptly eliminated by Crono, an act which prevents anti-human teachings from being passed on to future demi-human generations.

• Ozzie VIII

Ozzie's purple descendant. In the original timeline he governed modern day Medina, preaching intolerance of humans. After Crono changed history by defeating his ancestor, Ozzie VIII instead became a servant under the new mayor of Medina.

• Paul

a young boy in Home World found outside Zappa's shop practicing so he might one day be able to join the Black Wind of Porre. He seems to idolize Norris and take his words to heart.

• Pearly Gates, the

the entrance to the Sea of Eden in Another World. As a result of FATE's presence within, the cave is blocked by an impenetrable rock wall. Entrance cannot be granted so the only way to enter the Sea of Eden is through a wormhole in Home World's Dead Sea.

• pendant

a piece of jewelry crafted by the gurus of Zeal and given to Schala. The princess used it to operate the Mammon Machine at the command of her mother. Millennia later the artifact came into the possession of the Kingdom of Guardia where it was given to Marle. Made of dreamstone, the jewel amplified the power of Lucca’s Telepod to create a Gate, into which fell Marle. In 1004 the infant Kid was found wearing either this same pendant or one identical to it.

• Pentapus

a five tentacled creature living within a hollowed tree in the Hyrdra Marshes. The faerie Razzly was captured by the pentapus and was scheduled to be eaten when she was rescued by Serge. The pentapus met its end during the resulting battle.

• Peppor

one of the two Shaker brothers. He is short and plump in appearance. In Another World he is a struggling member of the Acacia Dragoons under the watchful eye of Karsh. In Home World he acts in Sneff's magic show under the name "Stout". Peppor’s Japanese name is often said to be Sugar. The katakana for "sugar" is . However, Peppor’s name is spelled , leading me to believe it may truly be Sugar Lou, a translation seldom seen on the internet.

• Pierre

the lawyer that was chosen for Crono when he stood trial for abducting Princess Nadia.

• Pip

an animal that has been confined to laboratories its entire life. He was meant to be studied by Luccia until Serge freed him by unlocking his cage. Later Pip snuck out and fulfilled his lifelong dream of seeing the ocean by stowing away on Fargo’s pirate ship. When the vessel was besieged by ghosts Pip joined Serge in order to see more of the world… and to escape from the monsters! Pip is unique in that he will mutate into new forms depending upon which color Elements he uses most.

• PolisPolice

a large blue robotic sentry stationed at the entrance to Chronopolis. It is equipped with projectiles and does not hesitate to fire at intruders.

• Polly

a flying pterosaur whose ancestry probably lies in the Reptite dimension. He is Another World Fargo's companion and may be ridden. Animals much like Polly known as Pterodacts reside on Gaea's Navel.

• Porre

port town on the southern tip of the Zenan continent. It is unclear whether the town is under independent control or if it belongs to Guardia Kingdom. The latter seems likely as the town has no military of its own and appears to be protected by Guardian knights. In either case, an elder guides the community in the Middle Ages; in the present it is run by a greedy mayor. Through Crono’s actions in the past the man’s outlook shifts to one of generosity and charity. This is to no avail as further repercussions of Crono’s travels have changed the once peaceful community into the headquarters of a powerful militaristic government. In 1005 Porre emerged victorious in a war with Guardia by utterly decimating the kingdom. Porre’s influence is global as evidenced by its colonization of El Nido circa 900. To date it is unknown precisely what event sparked this drastic change.

• Power Spots

places where the natural energy of the planet gathers. Such areas are ideal for creating Elements. The only known power spot in El Nido lies in a cave at the top of Divine Dragon Falls.

• prism equipment

weapons and armor forged from pieces of the Rainbow Shell. They are naturally iridescent and are among the strongest known types of equipment. Perhaps the best known piece, Crono’s Rainbow katana, was created by Melchior by combining the shell with the power of the Sun Stone.

• Project Kid

Belthasar's time control experiment. It exists solely for the purpose of freeing Schala. The Time Crash, battle between Dragonians and humans, and the formation of El Nido were supposedly planned entirely by Belthasar so Serge would one day end up with the Chrono Cross. It is unclear when Belthasar learned of the Time Devourer or when he devised this plan.

• Prometheus

Robo's true name as given to him by the Mother Brain.

• Prometheus Circuit

a microchip installed into the FATE supercomputer. Lynx states the circuit is meant to cause FATE to malfunction and then immediately erase any record of its detection. The software succeeded in locking FATE out of the room containing the Frozen Flame after the computers of Chronopolis came back online in 1006. The Prometheus Circuit is based off the Ashtear model circuit board, designed by none other than Lucca. It is implied Belthasar also had a hand in either designing the circuit or choosing to install it into FATE. It remains unclear whether the circuit is actually Robo, if it is a copy of his memory, or if it was merely named after him.

• Prophet, the

after his battle with Crono Magus was pulled through a Gate to find himself in the Kingdom of Zeal. There he adopted the disguise of the Prophet to manipulate the queen according to his own agenda. By being able to correctly foretell events he gained her trust and was considered a vital advisor. In truth he lacked prophetic powers as he only recounted the memories he had as a child growing up in the kingdom. His ultimate goal was to meet Lavos in the hope of destroying the alien. It is unknown what changes Magus caused while in the era, or even how long he was there prior to Crono’s arrival. It is reasonable to assume it was quite some time as he had gained the queen’s acceptance, a tremendous feat.

• Proto Dome

a dome found on the eastern edge of the continent in 2300. Within the building the wrecked Robo was found. After the power had been restored at the factory to the north, the back door in Proto Dome was opened to reveal yet another Gate.

• Quadffid

a large walking plant found in the marshes and cool forests of El Nido's main island. It's seeds contain a chemical which, when ingested, allows one's dark side to emerge. During this time the individual loses control of his normal persona and instead becomes wild, dangerous, and impressionable. Such seeds were given to Orcha to bring out his alter personality of Hell's Cook.

• R66Y

Robo's serial number.

• R–Series

a model of robot designed and produced by humans prior to 1999. After the apocalypse the line was instrumental in carrying out the Mother Brain’s commands to exterminate the human race. The robots have a distinctive naming system with their serial numbers taking the form R–#Y.

• Radical Dreamers

a group of thieves who seemingly rebel against the militaristic Porre on the Zenan mainland. Kid is a member of this group, but it is unknown how the band was formed or when. You can read of their possible origins in the Conjecture section.

• Radius

one of the four Dragoon Devas at the turn of the 11th century. He was close with Garai, but was jealous at his friend's swordsmanship skills. After discovering the Masamune at Divine Dragon Falls Radius was overcome by the sword's evil aura and turned on Garai, killing him. As a result Radius has difficulty accepting his actions. He retired from the Dragoons in 1016 AD, becoming chief of Arni in Home World, but living alone on Hermit's Hideaway in Another World. It is implied Radius was present at the fall of Guardia in 1005 AD.

• Rainbow Shell

a treasure buried with the subterranean caverns of the Giant's Claw. The shell was discovered by Crono and moved to Guardia Castle in 600 AD. There it remained as a national treasure until the millennium when the impostor chancellor framed the king by claiming he sold the heirloom for cash. Pieces of the shell were used by Melchior to construct awesome weapons and armor for Crono. Twenty years later shards of the shell can be found as far away as El Nido, leading some to believe the shell was shattered during the destruction of Guardia. However even the blacksmiths of El Nido can use the rare shards to forge powerful items. In Another World’s Arni village fragments of the shell are used to make bracelets, the current fad.

• Records of Fate

small green pyramid-shaped devices that were distributed amongst the islands of El Nido by FATE. When a person accessed a Record of Fate details of his recent thoughts and activities were saved to the computers at Chronopolis. The information in this growing database was organized and used by FATE to determine what action the person should take next. It was in this way the FATE supercomputer could direct the lives of the archipelago’s inhabitants so that none would venture to the mainland and disrupt the timeline. Many of the island chain’s natives so passionately believed in the Record’s importance that they become dependent on the its guidance. In Home World the link with FATE was broken as a result of the Dead Sea’s formation in Chronopolis' place. Because of this the Records of Fate did not function as they should in that world and the citizens were truly free to make choices for themselves.

• Red Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the Red element, which involves the fire and volcanic forces of the planet. It remains within a cave on Mt. Pyre on El Nido's main island in Another World.

• red knife

this knife, made of dreamstone, was given to Crono by Melchior. In Crono's attempt to destroy the Mammon Machine he thrust the knife into the device. Through the power of Lavos’ energy the weapon was transformed into the Masamune. The knife embodies Melchior's dreams; the spirits Masa and Mune are manifestations of those dreams.

• Regionna

an area of the world governed by the aristocrat Lord Lynx. It is said Lucca lived in this region with Kid, though the area is only mentioned in the Radical Dreamers timeline.

• Regiorra

a town where the musician Serge first met Kid three years before their adventure in Viper Manor. Its location is unknown as it is only mentioned as existing in the Radical Dreamers dimension.

• Reptites

the race of evolved dinosaurs that inhabit the Prehistoric Age. A Reptite’s appearance is that of a bipedal lizard, typically with green scaly skin, though some are purple. They possess great architectural skills and are the most advanced species on the planet during their time of existence. Lead by Azala, they battle humanity over resources and for control of the planet. Reptites deem humans to be inferior creatures and derogatorily refer to them as "apes". In most timelines the Reptites were made extinct by the fall of Lavos and the resulting ice age it brought about. Being ectothermic, the reptilian species could not tolerate the cold. Were it not for the extraterrestrial’s interference natural selection would have chosen the Reptites to be the heirs of the planet. In the Reptite Dimension this is precisely the scenario that occurred as humanity was the species to become extinct.

• Reptite Dimension

a timeline in which Lavos did not fall to earth. As a result Reptites did not go extinct and eventually succeeded in eliminating humans. The Reptites continued to expand their society and eventually evolved into what are known as Dragonites, or Dragonians. The pinnacle of Dragonian civilization was the capital city of Dinopolis, in which the great Dragon God presided and regulated the forces of nature on the planet. In their own dimension Dragonians built all natural cities seemingly made of coral or a similar substance and nurtured a relationship with the planet that did not cause harm to it.

• Riddel

daughter of General Viper. She was engaged to Dario but the wedding was canceled due to Dario's disappearance at the Isle of the Damned in 1017. She was held prisoner briefly by the Porre military when they occupied Viper Manor but was freed by Serge.

• Robo

a dilapidated R-Series robot found inside the Proto Dome in 2300. His serial number is R-66Y but is better known as Prometheus by the Mother Brain. Lucca repaired him to working condition and he was dubbed Robo by Crono and Marle. After assisting Crono in restoring the dome’s power supply Robo pledged to join the team. While complete details regarding Robo's purpose are hazy, it is strongly implied he was sent by the Mother Brain to monitor humans before the apocalypse. He suffered damage during the world's destruction and remained dysfunctional until Crono’s arrival. Robo was instrumental in replanting Fiona's forest in the year 600, a task which took 400 years to complete. Given these details it is understood Robo was over 700 years old by the end of Crono's adventure.

• Romana

younger sister of Ghetz who, with Greco, maintains the shrines in Another World's Termina.

• Rx–xR

a Proto 2.0 model robot that records the three fastest winning times achieved by Crono in the jet bike race against Johnny.

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