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Encyclopedia:  S - Z

• S.S. Invincible

Another World Fargo's ship that serves as a home base to the captain and his pirate crew. The ship is sometimes cloaked in a fog to hide it from Lynx's forces. Because of this some have interpreted it to be a ghost ship patrolling the waters of El Nido. However during Serge’s imprisonment on the vessel the real phantom ship besieges Fargo’s. With the crewmen overwhelmed, Serge’s team lended aide in repelling the ghouls.

• S.S. Zelbess

Home World Fargo's ship that has been converted into a casino-themed cruise ship. The staff is comprised entirely of enslaved demi-humans from Marbule. The vessel is named after Fargo’s deceased wife.

• safety gear

a poison resistant outfit that must be equipped before venturing into the polluted Hydra Marshes of Another World. Without wearing this a person will slowly lose health when traveling in the toxic swamp.

• Sage of Marbule

leader of the demi-humans of Marbule. Though he had a previous friendship with Fargo, in Home World he became enslaved by the man and was forced to work cleaning the decks of the S.S. Zelbess. He aided Serge in opening a path to Death's Door by giving him the Fiddler Crab artifact. Later he taught Nikki the song of Marbule so that the dream creatures haunting the island could be materialized and destroyed.

• San Dorino

a small village found just south of Zenan Bridge in the Middle Ages. The town is rather uneventful and has completely disappeared by the present, though it is unknown why.

• sapphire brooch

a treasure handed down through the generations in Orlha’s family. When Orlha and Tia were separated as infants the jewel was divided between them so each girl would have a memento of her sister. These shards reinforced the bond of sisterhood and provided comfort, especially to Orlha, when she longed for her sibling. After she crossed into Home World Orlha was given Tia’s half of the brooch and the gem was once again united. It is said to hold the prayers of the girls’ parents and serves as the keepsake by which Orlha will have to remember her late sister.

• Schala Zeal

princess of the Kingdom of Zeal. She was one of the few Enlightened Ones to show compassion toward the Earthbound Ones and acknowledged them as equals. She cared deeply for her brother, Janus, and mother, Queen Zeal. Due to this sentiment she felt compelled to obey when the queen demanded she use her dreamstone pendant to operate the Mammon Machine so more energy could be drawn from Lavos. In the original timeline her fate during the Ocean Palace disaster is unknown, though many assume she teleported herself to safety. However in the altered timeline her pendant’s remaining energy was spent in teleporting both Magus and Crono’s friends to the surface. As a result she stayed behind, only to find herself helpless when a Gate formed before her. She was instantly enveloped by it and sent to the Darkness of Time. There she met Lavos and the two combined into a new life form, the Time Devourer. Before she could succumb to the alien’s control Schala used her pendant to replicate herself and sent her twin to the year 1004 AD. In 1006 it was Schala’s interference to the timeline which caused the magnetic storm that allowed for Wazuki to enter Chronopolis. Through Serge’s use of the Chrono Cross a soothing melody was generated which separated the girl from Lavos. She returned with Serge to his dimension, though her final whereabouts are ambiguous. It is probable she remained on El Nido in 1020 based upon the scene in Chrono Cross‘ ending where she stood on Opassa Beach.

• Sea of Eden

the area in the east of El Nido that is completely isolated from the rest of the islands. In truth this serves as a defensive barrier as Chronopolis exists within this region. The only entrance is through the Pearly Gates which is sealed shut by FATE.

• Serge

son to Wazuki and Marge. While playing near Arni he was poisoned by a panther when he was three years old. Wazuki and Miguel sought the help of the healers of Marbule but, due to Schala’s influence, their sailboat was blown off course where it came ashore inside the Sea of Eden. Due to Schala’s magnetic storm the defensive barriers surrounding Chronopolis were rendered temporarily inoperative, allowing Wazuki to enter the facility. Schala called to him via the Frozen Flame to bring Serge nearer. The flame nullified the toxin completely and, through contacting the artifact, Serge was henceforth known as the Arbiter of Time. As such, he posed a threat to the future since his actions could release the Time Devourer. Lynx attempted to kill Serge at Opassa Beach in 1010 in order to prevent the future's destruction, but Kid of 1020 traveled back in time to save him. It was then the dimensions split into Home World in which Serge was saved and Another World in which Lynx succeeded in drowning him.

• Sewer Access

like its name implies, these are the ruins of a once great city’s sanitation system. By 2300 they serve only as an underground passage linking two continents. A myriad of pests call the area home, among which is Sir Krawlie, the self-appointed ruler of the realm.

• Shadow Forest

a forest found on the northeastern edge of the central island of El Nido. Rare mushrooms are able to grow in this area due to both the shade provided by the immense trees and the damp atmosphere. Quaffids can also be found in this area. A secret tunnel leads from the forest to the well in Viper Manor.

• Shaker Brothers, the

Solt and Peppor. In Another World they aspired to be Acacia Dragoons but were barely accepted. As a result they are often looked down upon by the other Dragoons. Karsh has taken them under his wing and guides them. In Home World they also became Dragoons, but in an accident both lost their memories. They came to be a part of Sneff's magic show aboard the S.S. Zelbess and were given the names Lank (Solt) and Stout (Peppor). They no longer remember Karsh and his guidance.

• Silver points

used during the Millennial Fair, silver points could be obtained from winning games on display. They could be traded in for money or spent when visiting the Tent of Horrors.

• Sir Krawlie

large insect-like beast who fancies himself as the ruler of the Sewer Access. He blocks the exit and challenges Crono to battle yet is easily defeated.

• Skelly

while living with his grandmother in Termina Skelly loved stuffing himself on squid gut pasta, a hobby which resulted in considerable weight gain. Regarded as plump and cheerful, Skelly sought to entertain by joining the circus whereupon he became an acrobatic clown. Despite having achieved his dream Skelly faced inner turmoil. He was both angry and resentful toward himself for he didn’t believe he had any talent. Sometime later Skelly evidently died and his bones were scattered throughout El Nido. His parts recovered by Serge, Skelly was reconstructed and again resumed residency with his grandmother in Termina. In Home World it is unclear whether Skelly ever joined the circus as it is only stated he was taken away by the Porre military at an earlier date. His fate beyond this is a mystery.

• Sky Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the White element, which corresponds to luminescence and heavenly matter. It is found at the top of Sky Dragon Isle in Another World.

• Sky Dragon Isle

found in the western seas of El Nido, it is here where the Sky Dragon resides in Another World. In Home World Starky has taken residency here and steals star fragments from visitors to the island. In actuality the island is the top of the submerged Terra Tower which has been sealed beneath the waves by FATE for thousands of years. Natives of El Nido regard the island as a holy site and consider it taboo to venture near it.

• Skyway

one of the two parts of a transportation system in the Kingdom of Zeal. Skyways exist on the planet's icy surface. Those who used the skyway would be teleported to the floating continents of Zeal high in the atmosphere where they would arrive on a platform known as a land bridge.

• Slash

one of Magus' three generals. He is a purple skinned Mystic who is an expert swordsman. He uses his own blade, the Slasher, in battle. He appears to be the youngest of the three generals, but his exact age cannot be determined. In the Japanese version he is portrayed as very loyal and incredibly respectful toward his master, something that does not readily show after translation.

• Snail Stop

a small tavern in present day Porre. The proprietor is in possession of delicious jerky but refuses to part with it unless paid a hefty price. A kilwala pianist provides entertainment.

• Sneff

an aged magician gravely indebted to Fargo as a result of the corrupt casino aboard the S.S. Zelbess. Sneff, unaware the game was rigged, continued to play, hoping he would win the jackpot, but succeeding in only sinking further into debt. His is quite literally a slave to Fargo and his only recourse is to work off his debt by performing on the cruise ship. In the Crazy Ocean bar he stars in his own magic show. The main act is "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" in which he transforms a volunteer from the audience into a feline. He gained this ability after eating a mysterious berry given to him by a female troll. After Fargo’s deceptions are revealed, Sneff succeeds in buying his freedom and is finally allowed to leave the ship. However he chooses to stay with his family, that is, his fellow performers aboard the Zelbess. In 1017 he found the dragoons Solt and Peppor, both of whom where afflicted with amnesia, and gave them jobs in his show as the comedy duo Lank and Stout. Other members include former pirates, Fat and Slim.

• Solt

one of the two Shaker brothers. He is tall and slender with a thin mustache. In Another World he is a struggling member of the Acacia Dragoons under the watchful eye of Karsh. Home World finds him performing tricks as a part of Sneff's magic show as "Lank". Solt’s Japanese name is Salton.

• Spekkio

shape-shifting god of war who inhabits a room at the End of Time. He grants Crono's team magic after meeting with them. He changes into a total of six forms throughout Crono's adventure.

• Sprigg

a female demi-human that was trapped in the dimensional vortex for an unknown period of time. It is suggested she became caught in it only recently as she seems to know the fortune teller in Termina. She has the ability to change her appearance, much like Flea, and can assume the form of monsters she has defeated in battle.

• squid gut pasta

a specialty dish served in the bar of Termina. It is a rare treat and is reportedly quite tasty.

• Star Fragment

a splinter of Starky's spaceship. When the saucer crashed into the seas of El Nido in Home World it was shattered into many tiny starfish shaped pieces. By diving into the El Nido Triangle one can recover star fragments and return them to Starky, who has taken residency on Sky Dragon Isle. The pieces also provide a layer of oxygen so one can breathe under the surface. Star Fragments are regarded as being able to bring good luck and are sometimes worn for this reason. Perhaps not coincidentally they also have the power to ward off many harmful status ailments such as burns and the flu. In Another World the ship remains intact so no star fragments exist in that dimension.

• Starky

an extraterrestrial that crash landed in the seas of El Nido. In Home World Starky’s UFO suffered damaged and splintered into various pieces known as Star Fragments. Starky chose to inhabit the vacant Sky Dragon Isle where he took back what fragments he could from explorers who visited the island. Victory was assured as he grew to monumental size and often won through sheer intimidation. After being bested in battle by Serge Starky tagged along in the hope his spaceship was still functional in the other dimension. His wishes were validated as in Another World Starky’s flying saucer survived the impact and remained fully operational under the waves of the El Nido Triangle. Late in the journey Starky took an anti-gravity device from this ship and installed it onto Serge’s boat so the team could fly to the entrance of Terra Tower. Being a foreigner Starky is naïve regarding human customs and emotions and comes off as being very innocent. Termina’s fortune teller states Starky is "fated to make a grave choice" but it is unknown what Starky’s purpose was. One ending suggests he was a scout sent to earth in preparation for an alien invasion. It is open to interpretation whether this ending falls in line with the intended story of the game or if it was meant only for humor purposes.

• Steena

in Another World she serves as the shrine maiden and assistant to Direa in Guldove. In Home World she has already succeeded Direa as the High Priestess and serves as the village’s chief. There she loans Serge the Dragon Tear and assists him in regaining his rightful body in Fort Dragonia.

• Sun Keep

a cave set within a mountain in the northern regions of the world. Beams of sunlight perpetually shine through a hole in the cave's ceiling. Placing a Moonstone under the rays of light will recharge it into a Sun Stone if enough time passes.

• Sunken Desert

the subterranean cavern located in the desert surrounding Fiona’s villa. The fossorial monsters within were responsible for the destruction of the forest immediately above. The presence of Retinite, a massive skeleton akin to Zombor, suggests the possibility Mystics may have played a role in instigating the desertification. It is interesting to note the sand whirlpool, which served as the entrance to the cave, only became visible if a particular citizen of Zeal chose to plant the sapling given to her by the gurus. The causative link between the two events has yet to be determined.

• Sun Palace

found on the floating southern continent of Zeal, it is here where the Sun Stone was sealed after the Kingdom of Zeal took to the skies. After the fall of Zeal the Sun Palace re-emerged in the ruined future of 2300. The Sun Stone within is still guarded by Son of Sun, as it was its duty to protect the treasure from being stolen.

• Sun Stone

a Moonstone that has been charged with the nearly limitless power of the sun. The Kingdom of Zeal originally used the power of the Sun Stone as its primary energy source but the practice was abandoned once Lavos was discovered. The Sun Stone itself was then locked within the Sun Palace, not to be seen again until Crono recovered it in 2300. However by that time its powers had completely faded. Crono managed to re-charge the stone by leaving it in the Sun Keep for 65 million years. A fraction of the artifact’s energy went into making Lucca’s Wondershot and Crono’s Rainbow. On the last night of the Millennial Fair Taban used the Sun Stone to create the closing ceremony’s fireworks.

• Taban

the father of Lucca and husband of Lara. Like Lucca, he is an inventor and the two often work together on creating new things, the most recent of which being the Telepod. He aided Lucca throughout her adventure by designing fire-resistant armor for her.

• Tata

the young boy who found the Hero's Medal in Porre's pub after Frog dropped it. Henceforth he was mistaken for the legendary hero. He ventured into the Denadoro Mountains to recover the Masamune but ran away in fright early in his adventure. He later admitted he was not the true hero and gave Crono the medal to give to its rightful owner.


an invention designed by Lucca and Taban on display at the Millennial Fair. By stepping onto the left platform the user is teleported to the nearby right pod. When Marle tried the device its energy reacted with her dreamstone pendant. The amplification of this power caused a Gate to form which pulled Marle in. Prior to being approved for human use the machine was tested using the family’s pets, which are conspicuously missing from the game.

• Tent of Horrors

Norstein Bekkler's carnival tent. Inside, a person can trade Silver Points to play one of three games. If the player wins he can be awarded cats, cat food, musical poyozo dolls, or a full size doll of himself.

• Termina

a bustling port lying on the north-western tip of El Nido's largest island; it is also El Nido's largest town. It was likely established in the early days of colonization by Porre. The town is governed by General Viper and an annual Viper Festival is held in the summer to pay tribute to his benevolent rule. In Home World the town came to be occupied by the Porre military after the general's disappearance in 1017. Soon after the town’s economy suffered. This, paired with the loss of their beloved leader, left many residents feeling depressed.

• Terra Cave

a cavern which serves as the refuge of the Earthbound Ones. Inside they have constructed the rudimentary village of Algetty. The end of the cave connects to the chains at the base of Mt. Woe, but is guarded by a fierce imp and his loyal pet beasts.

• Terra Tower

another name for Dinopolis, the city of the Reptites. After the seal of FATE is broken Terra Tower is free to rise from the seas and hovers over the western ocean of El Nido. The only way to access is it by flight. The dragon god waits atop the tower with the Frozen Flame. After the dragon is defeated the tower undergoes a strange transformation in which it seems to form a pterodactyl-like head and wings. It is unclear why this happens but the entrance is sealed after this point.

• Tia

Orlha’s twin sister who lies unconscious in Guldove’s clinic in Home World. Her affliction remains a mystery; all that is known is she suddenly fainted and has not responded to any form of treatment. Orlha’s presence awakens the girl, allowing the sisters to meet for the first time. The reunion was bittersweet as Tia passed away almost immediately. In the afterlife her spirit remains with and continues to support Orlha. The whereabouts of Another World’s Tia are unknown.

• Time Crash, the

name given to the event which drew Chronopolis into the past and introduced Dinopolis from an alternate timeline. In 2400 researchers inside Chronopolis were conducting experiments on the Frozen Flame when an error caused the building to become engulfed in a massive Gate. Because of this the facility was transported 10,000 years into the past. Additionally, the Reptite city of Dinopolis was pulled into the human dimension, most likely to counter-balance the stress inflicted onto the space-time continuum by Chronopolis‘ voyage. Kid suggested it was the "awakening Lavos" that summoned the Flame across time in order for the two to unite. It is assumed the Lavos she speaks of is that of 12,000 BC. To further complicate matters it is stated the Time Crash was secretly arranged by Belthasar as part of the elaborate Project Kid.

• Time Devourer

a conglomeration of Schala, the Dragon God, and the defeated Lavos which nests within the Darkness of Time. There it waits until the Arbiter of Time releases into the timeline. Once this happens it will begin to consume not just that dimension, but all in existence, as it seeks total destruction of all matter. By utilizing the resonant harmonies of the planet Serge succeeded in destroying the beast while simultaneously freeing Schala from its grasp. Ambiguity still remains amongst players regarding the difference between this creature and the one which resides atop Terra Tower. For clarification on this matter please refer to sections 1 and 9 of the Inquiries page.

• Time Egg

a device built Gaspar during the ice age of 12,000 BC. He took it with him when he was transported to the End of Time. The egg's full nature is a mystery, but when used under the right circumstances it has the power to freeze time. It was in this way that Crono's friends were able to use it to prevent Crono's death. In Chrono Cross Belthasar has built his own time egg which is capable of opening a special Gate that links to the Darkness of Time.

• Time Research Lab, the

the precursor to Chronopolis. The lab was established by Belthasar in 2300 after the Day of Lavos was prevented. In this peaceful future humanity was allowed to prosper. As a result people continued to work on the lab until it became what we know as Chronopolis.

• Toma Levine

an explorer that was hired by the mayor of San Dorino to find the Rainbow Shell. Unfortunately, early in his quest he spent all his money on liquor and turned up empty handed. However he did not completely fail as some time later he managed to pinpoint the shell’s location to Giant's Claw; he ventured within but ultimately failed to reach the treasure. During his travels he continually cadged money off Crono to buy more drinks, often providing only insignificant clues as repayment. His tombstone lies on West Cape; he died on 3-6-634 AD.

• Toma XIV

descendant of the famous Toma Levine, he explores the islands of El Nido in 1020. In Home World he ran out of funds during his expedition and had to take a job doing landscaping in Arni to raise money. He is knowledgeable of the terrain and can be counted on to give vital information. He is accompanied by his assistant Ash.

• Tower of Gheddon

the building located at the center of the Dead Sea. It is a conglomeration of many structures that have been seemingly thrown together in a chaotic manner. Deep within the structure lies a Gate which takes one to a scene depicting Leene Square at sunset. Miguel defends this area, presumably guarding the Frozen Flame of Home World. Once he is defeated the tower, as well as the rest of the Dead Sea, vanishes.

• Trann Dome

a dilapidated structure located directly south of Bangor Dome. It serves as a refuge for the few struggling humans within. Though they are largely isolated from the people of Arris Dome, one man did manage to survive the trek across the ruins of Lab 16 to arrive here.

• Truce

a village on the northern Zenan continent that is under the rule of the Kingdom of Guardia. It is here where Crono and Lucca live. In the year 1005 the town was burned to the ground by the Porre army during its war with Guardia.

• Truce Canyon

a small ravine carved into a mountain just north of Truce in the Middle Ages. Here is found the Gate through which Janus arrived, as well as the one which connects to Lucca's Telepod. Following Guardia’s victory of Magus the infamous Leene Square was built in this region.

• Tyrano Lair

Azala's castle that is set high atop a plateau in a volcanic region of the Prehistoric Era. Many Laruba villagers were held prisoner here following the Reptite’s raid on the North Woods. After the final confrontation between Azala and Ayla Lavos descended upon the castle leaving nothing but an immense crater where the fortress once stood. Remains of the castle resurfaced in the Middle Ages inside the caverns of Giant's Claw. The Tyrano Lair is only accessible by flying dactyls.

• Una

Leena’s lively sister. She believes Leena is too uptight and wishes her sister would learn to control her temper. In Home World she urges Serge to help make Leena more well-mannered and feminine. In Another World, as Leena is single, Una thinks her sister’s getting a boyfriend would solve the problem.

• Viper Churro

a specialty treat being served during the Viper Festival. Ingredients include: ground Heckran bone, water from Water Dragon Isle, sugar, and spices. All this is wrapped inside a piece of Beeba skin and is baked using hot coals retrieved from Mt. Pyre. Dragon's Glory can also be used for extra flavor.

• Viper Cup, the

an annual competition held in El Nido in which swordsmen are given the chance to compete. Presumably sponsored by General Viper, it also goes by the name Tournament of Swords. Little is known about it, but when it is held it is divided into distinct divisions for varying skill levels. Years ago in the youth division Dario received first place, Karsh came in second, and Glenn was runner-up.

• Viper Festival, the

an annual celebration in which the citizens of El Nido rejoice and give thanks to their noble governor, General Viper; 1020 marks the 100th anniversary of this event. In Another World the Magical Dreamers were scheduled to play during the festivities but the show was postponed indefinitely due to Serge's break in at Viper Manor. In Home World the festival has been canceled each year since the general's disappearance in 1017.

• Viper Manor

the exquisite mansion of General Viper built around 900 AD by his ancestors. It sits atop high cliffs overlooking the sea, making a raid nearly impossible. Within are housed the Acacia Dragoons, Viper's family, and Luccia's laboratory. In Another World the Porre military occupied the premises shortly after Viper was stabbed by Lynx. In Home World the building is nothing but rubble as it was destroyed by an unknown force shortly after the general's disappearance in 1017.

• Viper Manor Bluffs

steep cliffs overlooking the ocean. Viper Manor was built at the top of these cliffs. The bluffs are perilous to climb as water jets make the path slippery. Guards also patrol the top of the cliff to prevent intruders from breaking into the mansion.

• Viper, General

the benevolent governor of the El Nido archipelago. He was promoted to the rank of general in the Porre military after garnering a positive reputation as the leader of the Acacia Dragoons. In recent years he has retired from the army and serves as lord of El Nido. When approached by Lynx he formed a partnership with the demi-human, perhaps to learn more regarding the Frozen Flame. In an expedition to the the Dead Sea in 1017 the general, his troops, and Lynx all perished, frozen in time before they could reach the flame. In Another World the general remains active since he never made this journey. Atop Fort Dragon Viper learns he was only a pawn to Lynx after being stabbed by the feline. He later makes a full recovery and lends assistance to Serge as needed. He has a daughter, Riddel.

• Vita

can take the form of Vita Unus, Vita Dos, or Vita Tres. It is a mechanical guardian of Chronopolis that must be defeated before the shields surrounding the fortress with disappear. Vita looks like a human mask and hovers in the air.

• Vortex Pt.

found in the waters to the east of Lucca's house, this is a whirlpool which connects to Heckran's Cave. Crono and his friends escaped the cave and arrived back on Zenan by using the underwater tunnel which lead to Vortex Point.

• Water Dragon

one of the six resident dragon gods of El Nido. This one embodies the Blue element, which controls the powers of water and ice. It rests within a cavern on Water Dragon Isle in Home World. It is worth mentioning this dragon assisted Serge by lending him the Ice Breath, an artifact which froze lava, so the boy could venture through Mount Pyre.

• Water Dragon Isle

a small island in the south of El Nido. In Home World it is home to both a faerie village and the Water Dragon. The presence of the dragon allows water to freely flow across the island; the isle has become barren and dry in Another World as the dragon cannot be found.

• Wazuki

the husband to Marge and father of Serge. He presumably, like most men in Arni, lead a modest life through fishing. In 1006 he set sail with his friend Miguel in order to seek help for Serge, who had been poisoned by a panther's venom. Eventually he came to discover Chronopolis and searched the facility for assistance. While there, FATE altered his genetic code so that he would take the appearance of a feline demi-human. In the following years Wazuki lost his identity while he surrendered to FATE's control and became Lynx. For further details see the entry for "Lynx".

• West Cape

located to the west of Choras, here lies the tombstone of explorer Toma Levine.

• Wingapede

large insect reminiscent of a dragonfly. The Beeba have found a way to tame the beast and use it for transportation. Serge was also able to ride the insect by feeding it fruit in the Hydra Marshes. In turn, the Wingapede ferried him to and from Gaea's Navel.

• Wondershot

Lucca's hand-crafted gun that utilizes the energy of the Sun Stone to shoot powerful, if not slightly random, energy blasts.

• Yakra

monster who abducted Queen Leene at the behest of Magus’ army. Yakra possessed a form of magic which allowed him to assume the appearance of a normal human. In this way he impersonated the kingdom’s chancellor and infiltrated Guardia Castle to get closer to his victim. The kidnapping a success, Yakra held Leene captive deep within the Manoria Cathedral. Had it not been for Crono, Lucca, and Frog the beast would have murdered the queen.

• Yakra XIII

descendent of Yakra who vowed vengeance against Crono for eliminating his ancestor. He, too, impersonated Guardia's chancellor and worked within the castle to cause instability in the kingdom. Hoping to destroy Crono, he accused him of the false abduction of Marle which resulted in the boy’s death sentence. That plot foiled, he later played with Marle’s emotions by lying to her about the cause of her mother’s death. His plan was to tear the royal family apart by inflaming their already tense relationship. Finally, the imposter framed the king to make it look as though he had pawned the royal treasure, the Rainbow Shell, for money. The scheme is thwarted by Marle and Yakra XIII is destroyed in the castle's courtroom.

• Yu

one of the background dancers for the performing group Magical Dreamers. She wears blue attire to distinguish herself from her twin sister and partner, Mi. Together they share the dream of one day taking the lead role in a show.


the code name for the last defense lock inside the factory. It can be entered into the keypad using the buttons XABY. Deactivating this lock allowed Robo and Crono to access the power generator inside the factory and re-establish electricity to Proto Dome.

• Zappa

blacksmith who runs his own shop in Termina. He is the husband to Zippa and the father of Karsh. In the early years of the 11th century Zappa was one of the four Dragoon Devas, along with Radius, Garai, and a yet unknown fourth member. In Home World's timeline he is saddened by the disappearance of Karsh and the rest of the Dragoons. In Another World he still actively makes equipment for General Viper's troops. One of his greatest wishes is to seek out rare shards of the rainbow shell so that he might forge incredible armor.

• Zeal Palace

castle set high atop a mountain at the center of Zeal's floating western continent. Queen Zeal reigns from within. Princess Schala and Prince Janus reside there as well, and the spirits Masa and Mune frequent the place. Inside was kept the Mammon Machine until it was moved to the Ocean Palace. The haughty Enlightened Ones regard Zeal Palace as being the center of the universe.

• Zeal, Kingdom of

monarchy which ruled in 12,000 BC. It is comprised of four floating continents, each named after one of the cardinal directions. In previous years the king had died which granted Queen Zeal total authority. The realm was incredibly advanced, having the knowledge and resources to invent the world’s first aircraft, the Blackbird, and the famed underwater Ocean Palace. Its technological success would not be duplicated for millennia. At the height of its success its entire citizenry boasted powerful magic. Ultimately the queen endeavored to achieve immortality by harnessing Lavos’ energy. This dream was shattered when her greed got too strong. The continual drawing of Lavos' powers briefly summoned the creature to the surface, prompting it to attack the planet. Most of the alien's projectiles were absorbed by Zeal's floating landmasses. The kingdom was instantly destroyed and sank beneath the waves in a single night. In the far future the kingdom is regarded as a myth as nothing remains to verify its having existed.

• Zeal, Queen

absolute ruler of the Kingdom of Zeal in the year 12,000 BC. Though once a gentle woman, after discovering Lavos she found a way to absorb its energy and quickly became consumed with greed. This transition came about almost immediately and soon her aspirations were monumental as she wanted to become immortal. She severely punished any who opposed her and unhesitatingly exposed her own daughter to incredible danger by using Schala to achieve her selfish demands. All this time Lavos held an unbreakable influence over her. Queen Zeal temporarily achieved her desires as she was able to live inside of the Black Omen for thousands of years. It wasn't until the arrival of Crono and the resulting destruction of both the Mammon Machine and Omen that the queen was released from Lavos' grasp. It is unknown whether she survived the destruction of the Black Omen. She was the mother to both Schala and Janus.

• Zelbess

the mermaid demi-human wife of Fargo. She presumably died in 1010 but it is unexplained how. She is the mother to Nikki and Marcy, as well as the sister to Irenes.

• Zenan Bridge

stretches between the northern and southern Zenan continents. The bridge was destroyed in 600 by Magus' troops but was promptly repaired by Guardia's soldiers. Soon after, the site became a battleground as the Mystics fought to push through the kingdom’s last defenses. Through Crono’s help Guardia secured the bridge and repelled the Mystic forces, commanded by Ozzie. The bridge remains intact during the present and is one of two ways people can travel between continents; the other is the ferry.

• Zenan

name for the land mass which occupies the western half of the globe. The mainland is actually split into the northern and southern Zenan continents. On the north is found Guardia Castle and Truce, while Fiona’s forest and Porre occupy the south. The two continents are connected by Zenan Bridge.

• Zippa

the wife of Zappa and mother of Karsh. In her younger days she adventured with her husband in search of elusive rainbow shards in order to forge powerful equipment. Having found none she abandoned the quest when her son was born so she could devote her full attention to raising him. In Another World she manages the affairs of Termina’s blacksmith shop by handling customers. In Home World she remains there to await the return of her missing son while Zappa closes the shop to again resume his hunt for the rainbow.

• Zoah

one of the three remaining Dragoon Devas of 1020. Little is known of him, but he wears a large iron helmet to hide his face as he is ashamed for an incident in his past. He is a tall man with large muscles and speaks in a loud commanding voice. Though he initially tries to impede Serge's progress he eventually becomes a valuable ally.

• Zonker-38

gun that Lucca designed and used during her rescue of Crono from Guardia's prison.

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